Friday, October 1, 2010

A Few Of My Favorite Things

After the train wreck that yesterday turned into (see my previous post for the details), I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up this morning and realized I could turn the calendar to October. That can only mean one thing- it is October 1rst, a day that I look forward to with more anticipation than Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter combined! You can even throw in Victoria Day and Boxing Day and October 1rst is still going to come out the winner.

So what is it that makes this day special? Simple. It is my self-imposed starting date for putting the flannel sheets on my bed. And not only do I get to crawl into those soft, cozy sheets when I go to bed tonight , I will also now start letting myself start wearing the wool socks I have knit this past spring and summer. On cool September days I would pull out a pair of older socks, much worn and loved, and look longingly at the pile of new socks sitting next to them knowing they were off-limits until October rolled around. Sweet anticipation! Today I pulled out the finished pairs, and added the socks I completed last night while Alexandra was at the hospital, and was surprised to see I have seven new pairs to ward off the cold this fall and winter. Here they are in all their glory!

I acknowledge that for the uninitiated, that is anyone who has never put handknit socks on their feet, this might all seem a bit strange. All I can say is you are missing out on one of life's frugal luxuries. What I find disturbing isn't that I have seven new pairs of socks to wear. Rather, it is the fact that when I put this picture up I suddenly realized a pair was missing. When I dug around in my wool chest (okay, it might be a bit over the top to have a wool chest- what can I say) I not only found the green pair I was looking for, I also discovered a brown pair I had totally forgotten about. So that brings the grand total up to nine!

Aside from flannel sheets and new handknit socks, the other great thing about the days moving full speed ahead into fall are the beautiful colors. Everywhere I look I am surrounded by brilliant shades of yellow, red and orange. This is the Kamloops Farmer's Market, which is at its very best this time of year.

In order below is a glimpse out of my kitchen window, the view from our neighborhood looking across the South Thompson River towards Paul Mountain, and my pumpkin harvest.

There is one item today though that is significantly harshing on my mellow. Summer seems to have made a reappearance and it is supposed to get up to 79F (26C) this afternoon. The socks have all been tucked back into my wool chest, and I think I might hold off on those flannel sheets for a few more days. Oh well, when the cold, crisp days do arrive I am ready to take them on. Happy October 1rst everybody! And Happy Birthday to my son David, who turns 22 today.


  1. wow those socks are beautiful, it's so cool that you know how to knit them. i always hear wool is itchy though

    i'm so excited for autumn but it still gets in the 80s here hahaha thanks for reminding me to get to the farmer's market!

  2. actually wore wool socks today, because it's chilly in the morning. But my mid afternoon, I had taken them off, rolled them up, and tucked them into my purse! ;)

    Beautiful socks.. you must be a very speedy knitter. I am not!

    And happy birthday to David!! Wow...22 already!!

    Love those pictures. September is my favorite month of the year. But if October stays like today, it will be my newest favorite!!

  3. Alas, I have never experienced the feel of handknit socks. I did stitch-up holes in my socks when I was little, but I know that's not the same--though I was a little proud of myself. I have worn some really thick, comfy cotton socks from Eddie Bauer. Do you think that comes close to the handknit experience?