Saturday, October 16, 2010

Going Green

I have been suffering from delusions. Sweet ones, but delusions nonetheless. The thing is I love my tea. I am an early morning person, and the first thing I do when I get up is to plug in the electric kettle and throw a tea bag into my favorite teapot. I should add that not just any tea bag will do. No, I will only drink the best, and since this is one of the top selling teas in Britain I consider myself to be in excellent company.

As soon as I pour the hot water over the tea bag I grab my mug and place the tea cozy over the pot. For those of you who don't know what a tea cozy is- Americans, I am talking to you!- it is basically a cover to place over your teapot so your tea stays piping hot. Two summers ago I hand knit and felted a cozy for my teapot, which shows just how close we are since I only knit for very dear friends.

It might not seem like this would be a problem, and I am sure you are wondering what I could possibly be deluded about. After all, drinking tea has many health benefits, so I should be feeling good about this morning/mid-morning/afternoon ritual of mine, right?

This is where the situation gets a bit sticky. Quite literally. You see, I like to put honey in my tea. Lots of honey. And while I know honey can be healthy, I am pretty sure this would only hold true if one kept to a reasonable level of consumption. While Rebekah was still living at home I could pretend I was coming in under that bar because she would occasionally put honey in her tea too. I must be pretty good at pretending, because after she moved out I was actually shocked to see that it hadn't slowed the rapid dwindling of the honey jar at all. I was confronted with the unavoidable truth of the matter and decided to take action.

While the obvious solution was to simply stop drinking my tea with honey, it was not to be. I tried and failed. Multiple times over many weeks. Part of me wanted to believe I had the Thomas Edison thing going- you know, where he said "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." But I'm a realist and in the end had to admit I was leaning more towards the Einstein end of things. "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

So it is with no small degree of sorrow that I am announcing the end of my daily cuppa(s). However, there is good news. In the midst of my whole Edison/Einstein tug-of-war it dawned on me that I only like honey in black tea. Green tea is best consumed plain, and is supposed to be healthier than black tea. Rather than focusing on the honey, I needed to rethink my drink of choice. I just needed an incentive, and found it online at this site. I promptly ordered the libre glass n poly and promised myself that immediately upon its arrival my beloved Yorkshire Gold and I were parting ways. Henceforth we would only be allowed contact with each other on holidays and when I was visiting friends.

It is a beautiful glass, and watching the green tea leaves float inside the glass chamber is mesmerizing. My honey consumption has come to a screeching halt, and I feel quite virtuous. It's all good except for a few small details. I don't like green tea nearly as much as black. I miss my morning ritual. I miss that sweetness mixed with the slightly sharp and bitter taste of the strong British tea. I miss my mug, my cozy and my lime green teapot. So you can imagine the anticipation I am feeling about my upcoming trip to visit a dear friend in Seattle next week. This would be the same friend who originally introduced me to the pleasures of a decent cup of English tea. And in the interests of being a polite house guest I fully intend to drink what I am served.


  1. Haha, I know about cozies in general, but not the teapot variety. I'm sorry to see you give up someone you enjoy. Perhaps a compromise is possible--a less bitter brand of black tea might require a little less honey.

    If I drink tea or anything hot, it's usually a sign that I'm under the weather. Not 100% of the time, but close. Lemon tea with honey is my favorite, although a friend recently gave me a box of green tea w/ginger to try this autumn. With my next sore throat I'll discover if I like it or not. I hope it doesn't result in a new addiction--my friend is from Seattle too!

    PS - Okay, either blog gremlins or Halloween spirits are messing with the dates of your posts! I'm sure this one has not been up and readable since Sunday!

  2. Love the tea cozy! We always had them at home growing up, but I actually don't even have ONE, although I do have a growing collection of tea pots. I drink coffee almost every morning now, since my son came back home a few years ago and religiously made coffee every morning. And I enjoyed sharing a cup with him. Now he's gone and I'm still drinking coffee!
    I like tea, too, though... usually in the evening. Usually plain, but sometimes with milk and honey.

  3. Your cosy is beautiful! I love the libre glass, I would totally stare at it too, it was so beautiful in pictures with the blossom tea. Have you ever tried manuka honey? It has the highest antibacterial levels of any honey, just in case you need an excuse one day...

  4. My grandmother made me a cozy and I love, love, love tea too. Especially a good black tea. Maybe after taking a break from the honey you can try it again and maybe you won't need so much since you won't be accustomed to the sweetness anymore?