Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pride Goes Before.....

Well, we all know how that saying finishes. Pride goes before a fall. Not even 24 hours after my sanctimonious post about making the switch to green tea there was An Incident. An incident that proves, if such a thing was truly necessary, that there is no cure for stupidity.

I was talking on the phone and had my new tea glass sitting directly in front of me. As I reached across the table to grab my knitting (lengthy phone conversations are prime knitting time) somehow I managed to send my tea glass flying, along with its contents. You are no doubt expecting me to say the tea ended up all over the sweater I was knitting. Oh, I only wish it was that simple. Sweaters are easily washed and no lasting harm would have been done. Unfortunately the same can't be said for computers.

Thankfully my kids' circle of friends includes a computer whiz. A quick phone call was placed, and in a manner reminiscent of an earlier time when physicians used to make house calls, in no time at all our family computer doctor was at our door, bag in hand and an appropriately concerned look on his face. My computer now looks like this, stripped of its dignity while it is in detox drying out.

The early, tentative diagnosis is a trashed keyboard with a high probability of the mother board having escaped any damage. However, we won't know for sure until later this evening when the doctor pays another house call. In the meantime my beautiful green tea glass and I are having a little time out while my teapot and I get reacquainted. I plan to calm my nerves with a cup of soothing, and at least in this instance, very expensive black tea.


  1. It's not everyone who has access to a computer whiz willing to make house calls. Life is good! :)

    Hoping the detox works!

  2. Oh gosh! I did this but with milk and no on-call computer doctor! It sucks... Hope your computer turns out okay!

  3. Maybe it's a message to give up the green tea for the kind that you actually like?? BTW, I find the Yorkshire Red to be a little milder than the Gold - perhaps it would be easier to get used to unsweetened. (Some years ago I quit putting sugar in my tea; it took a while to get used to, but now I can't imagine drinking sweetened tea!)

  4. I remember one especially enjoyable dinner at home when I was growing up. My dad spilled his glass of iced tea. I wasn't glad to see him do it, but the thought that "it could happen to anyone" was quite comforting.

    It could happen to anyone!!!

    Besides, if I had to bet, my money would be on those gremlins causing the spill. I hope the computer is back on its feet soon.