Monday, October 11, 2010

Turkey Triumph

Thanksgiving 2010, the Canadian version, has come and gone. The weather cooperated, which is always an added bonus when you live north of the 49th parallel where anything from the final days of Indian summer to the first blizzard of the year are within the realm of possibilities. We were able to participate in several outdoor activities including a trip to my favorite place, the Kamloops Farmer's Market. Here is my daughter Rebekah picking out some "mix and match" apples at one of the fruit grower's stalls.

Next up was clearing out the 2010 garden. In spite of the fact that we still haven't had out first frost I decided it was time to end my relationship with the tomatoes. There comes a point when you just have to admit it is time to go your separate ways. Having four helpers made it an easy and fast job. It was so great I plan to make this an annual Thanksgiving weekend activity, so be forewarned that if you show up for turkey you will have to work for your dinner! Here are Rebekah, Kellen, Anton and Anita hard at work. My apologies for the blurry photo, but they had no intention of slowing down for me to take a picture.

The other major outdoor activity, which I absolutely did not participate in and therefore do not have a picture of, was a Sunday afternoon game of barefoot soccer played with some of their friends. Rebekah, Anton, David and Alexandra headed out the door with me informing them I did not want to spend my Thanksgiving afternoon at the local emergency department so they had better be careful. They came home a couple of hours later injury free, so I will let myself believe they actually listened to me.

Dinner was a success, which to me is loosely defined as not having poisoned anyone. I am a self-confessed paranoid when it comes to handling raw meat, and especially raw poultry. For my kids I am sure the smell of bleach will always trigger fond memories of family holiday meals. I have to say this year's turkey was maybe the best one I have ever cooked. It made me feel that spending all that money on a bird that was both hormone and video game free was worth it.

Here is my lovely daughter-in-law Anita, provider of some excellent apple pie.

And Kellen, who can even turn making whip cream into a competitive event, the goal of which is to get it as close as possible to butter without actually crossing that culinary line.

It was nice to see Alexandra recovered from her most recent attempt to scare me witless.

Rebekah's boyfriend Anton celebrated his first ever Canadian Thanksgiving with us last year and had honored guest status, meaning he got to eat for free. This year he was demoted to family status, so not only did he get put to work in the garden, he also peeled the potatoes and did the dishes. When I went to give him instructions about the potatoes he assured me that, being Russian, he knew how to handle a potato.

And best of all I am also pleased to report that not one cell phone rang, sang, or danced its way across our Thanksgiving table. My son David managed to make it through dinner without having a serious case of DTS (Detached from Technology Syndrome), but it was a close call.


  1. LOL, eating for free is always fun, but the shift to family status was definitely a promotion! Your dinner looks perfect, I'm sure the garden crew will be eager to report for duty again next year. =)

    Barefoot soccer? With a regular soccer ball? Ouch.

  2. My mum also makes us work for our dinners :) But she is out of the country right now, so we three just mellowed out at home. Your thanksgiving sounds very fun and full of people - not something I'm all that used to.

  3. It sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving. Ours are pretty quiet now (it's just the four of us), but it's still a good time with family.