Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Decade of Minutes

I start out every morning by sitting down with a hot cup of tea and reading the BBC and CBC news websites. Most of the stories seem far removed from my daily life, and to be honest, usually I skip over any stories that sound like they will be especially horrendous. I suppose it is a survival mechanism in today's world where we have so much (too much?) information coming at us. There is only so much gloom and doom I can cope with.

This past weekend one of the big news stories was out of Mexico where there had been an explosion at a hotel in a resort community. I first heard about it when Karsten phoned from Calgary to ask if I had been listening to the news. It was a breaking story on CBC radio. He said they had only stated the name of the community, Playa del Carmen, not the name of the actual hotel where the blast had occurred.

I could feel my heart start to race as I ran over to grab the photocopied sheets of travel information Anita, my daughter-in-law, had given me before she and Kellen left for Mexico last Friday. There was the name of where they were going to be scribbled at the top of their passport information: Playa del Carmen.

This was the point at which I am sure I stopped breathing. For ten long minutes, a span of time that felt like a decade, I started madly searching the Internet to find out the name of the hotel that had experienced the explosion. I finally found what I was looking for. The name of the hotel did not match the one Anita had written down. I was able to breathe again. I am so thankful they are safe, and also keenly aware that the news was not so good for a handful of other families anxiously trying to find out about their loved ones.

Here is a picture of Kellen, Anita and Diana taken last Christmas. Anita is the one wearing the purple scarf, not to be confused with Diana, proud holder of the 0% on the "How Chinese Are You?" quiz. Diana was teaching Anita how to knit. I'm not sure what Kellen was doing. Maybe he thought his turn for a knitting lesson was next.


  1. How scary! Glad to hear it wasn't their hotel!

  2. Fear, relief, empathy. Somehow I missed news of the explosion--I'm happy they were not injured. I can't imagine what those minutes were like.

    The nightly news in DC is a series of stories you don't really want to hear--shootings, hit and runs, drug arrests. The only thing that seems to change is the specfic locations in DC, VA or MD. But for the past week or so those stories have been pushed aside for coverage of FBI arrests related to corrupt polce officers and a county executive. Maybe I'll skip the news tonight.

  3. So glad your kids were safe. I did hear something about that on the news lately. I tend not to listen to too much news these days, but I know it's important to be aware.

  4. What a relief that your family was ok. I came to your blog from Ravelry, and I really like what you have to say. I am totally excited to make your oatmeal cake, my last few blog posts have mentioned oatmeal. Thank you for sharing.

  5. How would you've liked to have had my dad for a son--or a brother??? Yikes! =)