Saturday, November 27, 2010

Frugal Luxuries

There are certain things in this world that have definite dividing lines. You are either for them or you're against them. For instance, in the food category two that come immediately to mind are cilantro and asparagus. I don't know a single person who is neutral about these foods. People either love them or hate them. In the musical category there would be the banjo. You either love it or you hate it. Actually, I have never met anyone who likes the banjo, so I am just guessing when I say there would be people who love it. I have no proof.

The Sound of Music is the entertainment category's example of this dividing line- the one where you are either firmly on the "yeah" or the "nay" side. I personally think this is one of the best movies ever made. I love the scenery, I love the music (and I am not usually a big fan of musicals), and I love the story. And if you happen to be one of those people who hate the movie I want you to know I respect your right to your opinion, even if you are wrong.

I have to admit that this post was probably inspired by my latest viewing of The Sound of Music. The first time I watched this movie I was a young girl, probably around 6 years old. I remember sitting in the theater and feeling like I couldn't breathe when the Nazis were searching the convent for the Von Trapp family. I still get nervous when I watch that part. And yes, I know it's pathetic. After approximately 58 subsequent viewings it's not like I don't know what happens.

So last night while I was watching the scene during the thunderstorm when Maria and the children are singing My Favorite Things I was thinking about what some of my favorite things are. That brought to mind a book a friend gave to me a number of years ago called Frugal Luxuries. The subtitle of the book is Simple Pleasures to Enhance Your Life and Comfort Your Soul.

I love the idea of simplicity. Frugal luxuries don't cost a lot of money, they don't take enormous amounts of planning or work, and they are usually found in our own homes. I want to be the kind of person who appreciates the "every day", not the "some day", and focusing on my favorite things helps me along the way. Here is what's on today's list:

-Flannel sheets to crawl into tonight while the wind howls outside and the thermometer plummets to -15C

-my hot water bottle and heated rice bag for the same reason as the sheets (it is really cold here right now!)

-the beauty of the fresh snow outside

-my afternoon cup of tea

-some Theo's chocolate to go with that cup of tea

-the smell in the house from the batch of applesauce I made earlier this morning- yum!

-a home made loaf of artisan bread sitting on the counter ready to be eaten with tonight's stew

-chocolate cupcakes

-warm mittens

- a new toque


  1. 1. I have tried to like Cilantro and can't.
    2. Asparagus! YUM!
    3. I LOVE THE BANJO! (there, you have proof!)
    4. I love musicals, but have never really found a place in my heart for The Sound of Music! I will try again just because I feel like I must be missing something. So many people love it.

  2. My son and I watched The Sound of Music last night! It is one of our favourites, as we love musicals.
    Love asparagus, can't eat it. Sad sad sad.
    My favourite things? Hmmm, that might inspire a whole new post.

  3. A friend of mine plays banjo and is very good. I think it's something you have to grow up hearing.
    I love the mittens and the hat.

    (Right now my frugal luxuries all involve staying inside out of the snow and yucky weather. And cough drops.)

  4. I love the banjo... always wanted to learn to play it. I hate the accordion, though. Just thought I'd throw that in there. ;)

    The Sound of Music is good, but I don't think I would want to watch it more than once every few years.

    I love simple pleasures, too. One really can't enjoy daily life without them!

    Lovely mitts and toque!

  5. I'm right with you on the frugal luxuries. I especially enjoy getting apples from a tree in the hege and making soup from vegetables from my allotment.
    Re E.Z.'s niece: It was hard to tell how well she had known Elisabeth, but she certainly knew Meg (I don't have your e-mail address).

  6. Oh, that bread looks so yummy!
    Have a great Sunday :)

  7. I'm on the fence with asparagus. Love cilantro in salsa. Love the banjo (sorry). Must be a Madsen thing but love "Sound of Music". Watched it in the theatre as a child and watch it every year at least once. Are we weird? Love new mittens and hats.

  8. Cilantro = no
    Grilled asparagus = yes
    I didn't like the Sound of Music, didn't enjoy watching it with my wife...but 2 years ago that changed. It confused her.

    The simple, everyday pleasures are the best.

  9. My frugal luxuries:

    -peanut butter on apple slices
    -lots of hugs
    -a blue sky
    -a quiet house
    -getting all the laundry done and put away before Monday morning so I'm not searching for clean clothes in the laundry basket all week.

  10. Love cilantro, asparagus and the banjo. Have been known to add lots of cilantro to a tuna salad samwich