Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Going Into Hibernation

I am officially going into hibernation for the winter. No, I do not find a cave and sleep until spring. I do, however, put my car into "local only" mode. When I made plans to go down to the US for American Thanksgiving I had not factored winter driving into the equation. That was a miscalculation on my part. This picture was taken while I was still in British Columbia. The outdoor temperature showing on my instrument panel was hovering around -18C when this was taken. This is the Kettle River and you can see it is almost completely frozen over.

It seemed fitting, given the holiday I was heading down to celebrate, that I had to stop the car while a flock of wild turkeys crossed the road. There were at least 30 birds, and I think they were all hoping this particular holiday would pass without incident.

Although it was extremely cold outside the roads were mostly clear of snow and ice. At least until I got to my destination. Spokane was a winter wonderland! The problem being, of course, that it wasn't yet winter. I felt like I had arrived for the wrong holiday.

Thanksgiving day itself was spent at relatives sharing a wonderful meal, looking through some old family photos and hearing family stories, many of which were new to me. The highlight of the day for me was sitting in the kitchen watching somebody else prepare the feast. I could get used to that!

This will come as no surprise to those of you who know me. Black Friday- that infamous shopping day that occurs the day after Thanksgiving- found me hunkering down with my knitting and avoiding setting foot inside a store of any kind. There was no bargain on the face of the planet that was worth venturing into that madness for. Not to mention that fact that the day found Spokane in the midst of another snow storm that proceeded to dump 5 more inches on what was already on the ground.

Saturday my mom and I did bravely head to the mall as we both needed to pick something up at one of the stores there. Fifteen minutes into our shopping trip we looked at each other and agreed that we had had enough. We had a few other stops to make, but by the time we got to the last place on the list neither one of us could face it. At that point they could have been giving away the complete contents of the store. We didn't care. We crossed it off the list and headed home where I made a cup of tea and slowly recovered from the trauma. 

On Sunday it stopped snowing long enough that my dad and I were able to take their new car out for a drive. We were proud of ourselves since we managed to figure out quite a few of the features such as how to program the garage door so dad just has to push a button in the car to open and close it, how the satellite radio works, how to set the trip mileage indicator, and how to work the cruise control. I can't believe how complicated new cars are! We were laughing about how far things have advanced since the Ford Model A, a car my dad also happens to own. 

I had taken down a knitting project to work on. It is a Christmas gift that needs to be finished soon so I can get it mailed to the recipient. I procrastinated finishing the Christmas project by casting on for a pair of thick wool slipper socks.

Then I decided I needed a new headband. After the headband I finally did manage to pick up the Christmas knitting and it is now almost finished. I have the snow, and the fact it kept us housebound for most of my visit, to thank for all the knitting I accomplished while I was away.

The day I drove home was snow free, but another storm moved in right after I left setting a 100 year record for the month of November. All of this makes me very happy that the next holiday will be spent right here in our home in Kamloops even if it means I will be the one preparing the food rather than watching someone else do it for me.


  1. Neat headband. Do you have the pattern to share?
    Snow, snow in November. Yes here in Seattle as you know and now in Dublin where we were up until last August. It never snows in Dublin - well, hardly ever. But in November - absolutely never - until this year. My friends are snow and ice bound.
    Warm greetings to you in Kamloops - I love that name and love flying over it - would love to come and visit!

  2. Glad you had a good holiday with your parents, and you managed to get safely home! I, too, prefer to stay close to home in the winter.

  3. LOL, I learned to prepare Thanksgiving dinner by watching. So I can do it, but watching is my preference. I would love to see a flock of turkeys, but preferably not on the road.

    The headband turned out great. It amazes me that can be done by hand.

  4. I think Black Friday must be an American thing. I hadn't heard of it before I started doing online shopping. So it's hard to stay away from sales, even if you don't go to the mall.

  5. Love the headband, looks great on you.

  6. Wiz and I saw a turkey on our way back from Spokane after his neurologist appointment. It was huge!

    I have never shopped on Black Friday. I worked two of them in high school, and that cured me of that forever.