Saturday, November 20, 2010

The List

I am a list keeper. Without my lists I would be lost. Which is why I keep an ongoing grocery list stuck to the side of the fridge. The minute I run out of something, or think of an ingredient I will need for next week's meals, I hurry over to my master fridge list and write it down. If I don't write it down right away I can guarantee you I will not give that ingredient another thought until days later when I go to pull it off my shelf, only to discover it isn't there.

Post-it notes are my other survival tool. They are sprinkled throughout the house, but the biggest population can be found in the kitchen. There are currently eight Post-its at my place at the kitchen table, three down at Jay's end, a couple on the island and several dotting pages in my planner by the phone.

My kids have learned that if they want me to pick up something from the grocery store they better write it on the list. It is pointless to tell me. I will just forget. This week saw those instructions taken to a whole new level, one that made my organizer's heart overflow with joy.

A Post-it and the list commingled
There was just one small problem. The item that we seem to be in such urgent need of that it required a Post-it strategically placed on top of the grocery list? Tea. Apparently we don't have enough flavours to choose from in our cupboard, a place guaranteed to make an organizer's heart stop beating all together.



  1. Totally understand the lists. Is it age? My Jay will start telling me things to get in town and I tell him, stop, write it down, I won't remember. Ha Ha!

  2. I too love lists. Have since I was a teen-ager. Can't function without them.

    The tea cupboard and request for tea makes me think of my 10-year-old who looks at a full pantry and says there's nothing to eat!

  3. Oh, I am the same way. I've always kept a grocery list..I'd be LOST without it. The thing that frustrates me is using it at the store and then coming home to find that I missed an item that was written on the list! Love the post it note ON the list..!

  4. What should we do without lists ;) And we seem to have the same amount of tea - can't start the day without a cup.
    Just love the quote by CS Lewis on the top! So I'll might "steal" it ;)

    Have a great Sunday :)

  5. I'm another lost without her lists! My to do list according to most people who have seen it is a bit obsessive, but I'd be lost without it!
    Love the blog
    Jaz (goodgonegirl)

  6. Wow, that is a lot of tea!!! I have a fairly impressive collection myself, but it doesn't take up much room. I have boxes of Red Rose tea and Lipton's lemon, along with 16 individual packets (10 different varieties) of tea that I've brought home from hotel stays and seminars. Tea is usually offered at seminars, but I only drink water. If I see a tea that looks interesting, I grab a packet to try the next time I'm in the mood--it could turn out to be my all-time favorite tea. Gee, that makes me sound cheap. I'm really not, it just seems like a good opportunity to try something different.

    In theory we keep a list on the fridge, but the process isn't working yet. Sometimes I think the only reason I have a cell phone is so I can call home from the grocery store to find out what I've forgotten. Sadly, a good memory is on my list of "used to's"--I used to have one. Now I'm working to develop the note taking skills I didn't need when I was in school. The good old days! =)

  7. lol It's good to know your family knows you so well! The only collection of tea I've seen that rivals yours is my best friend's. And she's obsessed!