Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Celebration Failure Part 4

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We had decided to just open one package each, saving the rest for when everyone would be home later in the week. So with those lead bullet buns sitting in our guts we headed to the tree to each open a gift. I grabbed a package to hand out and was surprised to discover it was damp on the bottom. Odd, I thought, and grabbed the next package. That one was not just damp- it was soaked. 
Being the owner of two cats that have been known to exhibit undesirable behaviours I hesitantly smelled the wrapping paper. In what I misinterpreted to be good news, there was no odor. Perplexed, I put my hand down under the presents and was greeted by a water logged carpet. I started pulling the packages out one by one to inspect them and every single present that had been in contact with the carpet was soaked on the bottom. Once the presents were all removed the source of the problem became clear. The water holder on our Christmas tree stand had cracked. 
Let me just add that this wasn’t any old Christmas tree stand. It was a deluxe model I had purchased three years previously, one whose main feature was the gigantic water reservoir attached to the side that you filled when you put up your tree. After that the tree conveniently watered itself. Or not so conveniently in our case, watered the carpet. Presents were turned upside down, well away from the tree, so they could dry. Short of taking the tree down there wasn’t much we could do about the carpet other than blot up the water with towels and hope the fact the living room was kept at a very cool temperature would inhibit any dangerous growth of mold. 
Bravely smiling, I then handed out each person’s package and we proceeded, stomachs swelling with the yeast in the uncooked dough the whole time, to open them. I had carefully chosen a book for each child, but was somewhat dismayed to find out Rebekah already owned the book I had bought her. Normally this would have been something to laugh about, but remember- I was sleep deprived, a failure in the kitchen, and the original purchaser of the Christmas tree stand of doom. I felt totally deflated.

Christmas 1990
Rebekah, Kellen, Karsten

Christmas 1991
Rebekah, Karsten, Kellen

Christmas 1992
Kellen, Rebekah, Alexandra, Karsten

Christmas 1992
Karsten, Kristie, Jay
Rebekah, Alexandra, Kellen
Christmas day is not over yet! More disaster to follow.....


  1. Bleh, my stomach is getting queasy just thinking of those buns....

  2. I'm putting myself in your shoes and getting upset. I was glad to read it wasn't the cats, but it sounds like the stand's reservoir held a lot of water. We've had little spills--from over-filling the stand. Your purchase of the deluxe model seemed the perfect answer to that problem. It should have been. I'm sorry it resulted in a bigger problem. I hope the stand wasn't made with pride in the USA.

    Thank you for the comment on working together. We've learned to laugh about the little things.

  3. None of my holiday stories come close to this. :)

  4. LOL! Great comments today--one person wanted to add a like button so she could "like" the one about a guy looking at himself twice. I only do that when I'm shaving. =)

  5. oh my, a wet carpet in the living room, in the middle of winter, oh no....