Friday, December 3, 2010

Farewell To Teens

This is a momentous day for me. It is the last day I will be the parent of a teenager. Tomorrow Alexandra turns twenty. I have had varying amount of teens in this house for the past sixteen years, including two brief periods when there were four of them at once. In case you are wondering how on earth I managed it I have to admit I have no clue, but being hopelessly deluded an eternal optimist probably helped a lot. 

The day Alexandra arrived home from Romania
Rebekah 3, Karsten 9, Jay holding Alexandra 3 months, Kellen 6 
Raising Alexandra has challenged my generally optimistic nature on many occasions. She has struggled with two rare diseases, and for many years it was a tough battle. She is a girl with an incredible amount of courage, a special kind of courage that has carried her through days, weeks, months and years of not feeling well. Through it all- hospital stays, procedures, powerful drugs, and bandage removal (her most dreaded medical event!) she never once lost her smile. Over the past couple of years she has experienced a gradual improvement in her health, and now that she is turning twenty it appears she is leaving behind her medical issues along with her teens. You have no idea how thankful I am to be able to say those words!

Alexandra at the beach- don't you love the hair? 
Karsten 14 and Alexandra 5
Alexandra and Rebekah dressed
up as Laura and Mary
All grown up!
Isn't she lovely?
Honestly, I am not sure where all those years have gone, but gone they are. I am now the parent of five "twenty somethings" which makes me, well.....let's just say it makes me somewhere North of 49. Happy birthday Alexandra!


  1. Well done. And she is beautiful.

    Have a drink to celebrate your success of raising all five to adulthood in a successful way!

  2. Yes, Alexandra is lovely. I hope she has a terrific day tomorrow. I knew from Bekah that she's a nice sister (for some reason I'm craving a donut now), but not the extent of her health issues. It takes a special person to go through that with a good attitude--and help from a special mom. You have a wonderful family!

  3. Those Laura and Mary dresses look very familiar! Give Alexandra our congratulations.

    Jeff and Kelly

  4. Love looking at baby pictures of now grown children! So cute!! Happy Birthday to Alex! I, too am teen-less... I guess that means I'm not a Spring Chicken anymore..

  5. She is beautiful. Wish her Happy Birthday!