Friday, January 7, 2011

Best Text, Worst Text Part 2

I was the source of Rebekah's best text message of 2010, and she in turn was the source of my worst text message from 2010. Actually, it was the worst text message I have ever received, so confining it to the year 2010 implies there might have been a worse message in some previous year. There wasn't.

The purpose of this blog post is to serve as a warning for anyone who has big news to share with their family, especially if that family includes people that are North of 49 in age. A text message is a good and appropriate means of communication if you are in the grocery store and want to know if you should pick up some milk before you head home. It is also a good way to communicate if you are going to be later than expected getting home. It might even be a good way to let your family know that you are stuck in a car wash. However, there are some messages that just don't mix well with the medium. For example:

My initial reaction was, "Oh- she'll be phoning any minute to tell me the details!" Note the time of this message. It was sent at 8:14. I waited patiently for 13 minutes for a call that never came, then sent a text back.

Six more minutes passed in complete silence. Not only was there no phone call, there wasn't even a text. I followed up with this:

I confess that by now I was starting to feel a wee bit miffed. Almost 20 minutes had passed since that first woefully inadequate six word text teaser had been sent. You might be wondering why I didn't just phone Rebekah. Well, this is my daughter with short arms and deep pockets. She has possibly the worst cell phone plan ever, allowing her something like 50 talking minutes a month. I didn't want to place a call that was going to cost her money, so I continued to wait. And wait. And wait.

Finally, over 40 minutes after the "announcement text" I got this reply:

Rebekah was arriving home for Christmas that night on the bus, so I was forced to wait another nine hours to get the details I was so anxious to hear. Considering I was running out of patience at the 8:33 AM mark of this episode it made for an extremely long day.

An interesting discussion ensued, but not before a few tears were shed. I think I can safely say the next time there is big news to share in our family if it comes by way of a "flash" text, it will be followed up by a phone call, thereby satisfying both generations preferred means of communication.

Apparently we aren't the only ones that have had trouble with text messaging. If you want a good laugh check out this site for some hilarious text messages parents have sent to their kids, and this one for some examples of the auto correct feature gone very wrong. A word of warning, especially about the auto correct site- some of the content might be offensive to some readers. Also, don't attempt to read these if you are drinking or eating. You might choke.


  1. Oh wow. I am reading the website about parents texts.
    I keep wanting to 'lol' but people are sleeping so I will have to contain myself.

  2. "Short arms and deep pockets" :D Love that!

    Well, I can see both sides. She wanted you to know ASAP (and the clock was ticking that you'd hear it from another source), and needed to finish packing for the trip home. But at the same time, a mom wants to be able to share a hug, a tear, and 100 questions upon hearing such news.

    Is there a bad way to get good news? I think...I'll keep my mouth shut! =)

    PS - I was teasing about not wanting to be my wife's passenger. I do usually drive, but it's nice to be the one who can fully enjoy the scenery.

  3. Hopefully when you look back (a whole lot later, perhaps), you'll just laugh! Right? ;)

  4. I think I might have done that if I'd had the option.