Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best Text, Worst Text Revisited

I hadn't intended to write anything further about texting, but several thoughts occurred to me after my post about Rebekah telling me the news of her engagement. The first is I may have left the impression that I am upset with her. I am not, and I would hate for anybody to think that I was. We can both laugh about it now, and it is destined to become an all-time favourite Hammond story.

The second thing I want to make absolutely clear is the news itself was good, just not the delivery. I suspect Anton reads this blog on occasion, so thought I better clear up any possible misunderstanding in this area as well.

And now for a confession of sorts. I didn't come out of this whole episode as squeaky clean as my blog post made me sound. I, too, committed a social media faux pas. I sent a message on Facebook to a close friend telling her that Rebekah was engaged. I knew that basement boy an anonymous family member had leaked the news on Facebook and my friend is on his friend list. I was super busy and didn't have time for a phone call so flashed off the message instead. It turns out she had not seen the leaked message and my note to her was the first she had heard about the engagement. Later that day when I checked my phone messages this was waiting for me:

"So I have to find out about Rebekah's engagement on Facebook?! You, Kristie, are in trouble."

Apparently I won't be casting the first "communication breakdown" stone after all. And now that I have cleared that up I think I need a cuppa.


  1. Ahahahaha!!! I'm sorry for laughing, but it's a great story that gets better as it unfolds. However:

    1. If I was the friend, I would be happy you let me know ASAP, instead of waiting for a proper time.
    2. I hope nothing in my comment sparked the 2nd guessing of your prior post. I had no doubt that it was good news and that it was simply a good story in the making.

    About the cookbook, as I scanned through sale papers and catalogues (something I only do in December) for gift ideas, I came across a cookbook with recipes from the 1930's. I don't know if it's because I spent so much time with my grandparents, but I have an appreciation for what life was like then--when people actually made things themselves. I tease my kids once in a while by talking about the Depression as if I lived through it.

    But, back on point, the cookbook appealed to me. Since you are one of the few people I know who actually makes things, I thought you might like it too.

  2. PS - Disqus has cut me off from one blog friend. Since she started using it I cannot leave comments on her blog. With other users I have occasinal problems, but usually get through.

  3. I have been curious about hand-knitted socks since reading about them in one of your posts. One question is what keeps them up?

    Now I'm also curious about the OCD heaven aspect. Have you had issues with uncomfortable, mass-produced socks???