Friday, January 28, 2011

An Incident

The unhelpful list discussed in my last post did have one doable item on it: help the bride find a wedding dress. My vision of how to be the most helpful was to drive Anita and Alexandra down to Vancouver to meet up with Rebekah and Diana, then solemnly promise to not accompany them to any bridal shops. It turned out to be a great plan.

While they went wedding dress shopping Saturday afternoon a fibre friend and I also went shopping. Our goal was to hit as many yarn shops as we could in one afternoon. I think the fact we graced the doors of four different stores is a testament to how insane determined knitters can be. There was one grim and potentially dangerous moment at the end of our day when we were about a three block walk away from the last store on our list and it was 4:55. My friend was so worried the store would be closed before we got there that she crossed a busy Vancouver street against a red light. I had no choice but to follow behind. It brought back memories of crossing streets in China, memories that still have the ability to make my heart race.

Saturday night Rebekah treated us to Korean BBQ. It was Anita's first time to eat Korean food but I don't think it will be her last.
Anita, Diana, Alexandra and Rebekah
Sunday afternoon we went to Granville Island. If you are travelling to Vancouver and have never been to Granville Island I highly recommend it. There is a huge public market with stalls set up selling every kind of food you can think of: fresh pasta, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, cheese, bagels, baked items, bubble tea and sushi just to name a few.

Surpassing all other vendors is a stall called Chocolatas. Oh. My. This chocolate is a work of art. Very edible art I should add. Rebekah bought me a lovely tin of them for an early birthday present. I am somewhat ashamed to admit there are only two lonely chocolates remaining and I have plans for them as soon as I finish this post.

Shortly after I acquired these chocolates there was An Incident. I knew our parking time was almost up and I did not want a ticket. The girls wanted to have a quick look in one more shop so I said no problem, I would head to the car and wait for them. Which would have been an excellent plan if I had actually been able to find the car.

I was sure I had headed in the right direction. Well, almost sure. I circled around and looked again, this time starting to feel slightly upset. I had seen the ticket lady on my first circuit and I was afraid she was going to find my car before I did.

After circuit number two I was faced with the realization that I was not going to be able to find the car. In desperation I pulled out my keys and walked around again, holding them high and depressing the unlock button hoping I would hear a familiar beep. When this failed to reveal the car's whereabouts I was forced to swallow my pride and text Rebekah telling her that I was lost. Or rather that the car was lost. I knew exactly where I was. Right in front of the Granville Island Brewery contemplating whether or not this would be a good time to take up drinking.

Giving me the same advice one gets if lost in the woods- stop moving and stay where you are- my daughters came to my rescue. It turns out they had been waiting by the car for quite some time while I was getting my exercise walking loops around Granville Island. When Rebekah got my text she told me she had turned to Alexandra and Anita and said, "My phone's vibrating. This can't be good."

All of this would not be quite so sad if it wasn't for the fact that I have been to Granville Island dozens of  times. Worse yet, I use the same parking lot almost every time I go there. And now that I have gone public with the fact I am directionally challenged, I think it is time to go take care of those remaining chocolates. If I can find them.


  1. Funny!
    I don't think I've ever been to the Granville Market. When I visit my sister in the next while, we'll have to go there for sure! I think my sis and I are both directionally challenged, so who knows if we'll ever really get there!

  2. I shouldn't have read this at 4:10 after a long day in front of the computer. It made me soooo hungry, all for things I don't currently have in the house (sushi, Korean food, fancy chocolates)!!!

    A friend of mine is Korean (living back in Korea right now sadly for me) and she has treated us a few times to some wonderful food. She even taught me how to make dumplings (mandu)this summer!

    How fortunate that the girls were protecting the car from the vicious ticket lady!

  3. @Progressive Lens - You definitely need to go. There are so many shops and interesting things to see. And to eat!

    @kate - Sorry for making you hungry. If it makes you feel any better I am now back in Kamloops, also removed from all those goodies.

  4. haha this was so funny! I clearly remember eating korean bbq with all of you in downtown Vancouver, I think Rebekah was maybe 3ish, and not being a huge fan at the sounds good now though!

  5. Mmm, Korean!

    I had fun going to Granville Island and seeing you pick out your chocolates. They may be gone already, but at least you have the tin for memories.