Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Do NOT Have A Problem

A dinner guest hinted last night that I might have a chocolate problem. At least I took it as a subtle hint when she said she could picture me sitting at a bar where, instead of ordering drink after drink, I would be demanding more and more chocolate. I feel this was an unfair and undeserved observation.

It is true that I had just finished telling my dinner guest that I might possibly have over-indulged on my birthday Friday, evidenced by the fact that I was so wired I couldn't fall asleep until well past midnight (I'm usually sound asleep by 10:00, and my brain has generally shut down a full hour ahead of that time). But it was, after all, my birthday and I figured I had a right to celebrate.

I know my limits and I eat within them. I have a tremendous amount of self-discipline. I believe in moderation. I do not have a problem.

Lana Langevin organic fair-trade birthday chocolates
Status update: extinct
Nelson's Chocofellar birthday chocolate
Status update: endangered
Lindt Lindor Valentine's chocolates
Status update: also on the endangered list
"Excuse me Mr. Bartender, I would like a salted caramel chocolate. And could you make that a double please?"


  1. As the PenAddict says, "There are worse addictions, right?" =)

    You're making me hungry for chocolate!

  2. Haha, belated Happy Birthday!!! Today is my wife's big day--she hasn't decided to be happy about that yet, but she will.

    If you're over-indulging, all the walking and skiiing must be working it out of your system. Besides, chocolate (especially dark chocolate) is not meant to age, it's meant to be enjoyed quickly. =)

    In elementary school, the Valentine's Day party was right up there with Halloween and Christmas. It was so much fun seeing all the decorated shoeboxes. But I'm with you, those little hearts were nasty. I do still see them on store selves, but I don't understand why.

  3. Salted chocolate makes me shameless . So ....
    If there's a stool free next to you , would you mind if I joined you?
    "Could you make that two please ? "

  4. @Jesse- Yes, there are definitely worse addictions! Sorry I made you hungry...

    @Ric- Wish your wife a happy birthday from me. And be sure her day includes some chocolate, but maybe give it to her a bit at a time so it doesn't suffer the same fate mine did.

    @SmitoniusAndSonata- I don't mind at all. I am happy to imbibe with fellow chocolate lovers!

  5. You must be a closet chocaholic! I NEVER suspected and how long have I known you now?! ;)

    Oh, and belated Happy Birthday from me, too. I should have known/remembered. I'll make it up to you.. next Starbuck's Tea is on me! :)

  6. Haha, yes, Mrs. B did feel bad, but I'm sure from her vantage point it just looked funny. I remember my folks debating if I'd had a tetanus shot or needed one. I ended up getting one--so I got stuck twice that day. =)

    My wife's birthday included a variety of chocolate and cashews--she loves the nut, but isn't crazy about the juice.

  7. I found your blog on Ravelry and am SO glad I did! We have lots in common not the least of which is chocolate and books. Looking forward to reading more of your fantastic blog. :)

  8. As much as I love books and tea and cakes, nobody ever had to hide chocolate from me... Go figure.

  9. @mutantsupermodel - Thanks for the kind words about my blog! Ravelry is great for finding like-minded people. After all, we all know we have at least one thing in common- knitting! :-)

    @peony - That means you would be a "safe" guest to have over. I would not have to share any of mine. :-)