Saturday, April 9, 2011

Make That a Double

I am always surprised by how few people have heard of Devon Double Cream. I am here to tell you that if you have never had a scone slathered in jam and Devon Double Cream you have led a deprived life. My goal is to change your status from deprived to enriched. I will be forever thankful to the person who first introduced me to this treat several years ago, and I am now passing on the favour. I am sure your taste buds will thank me, even if your waistline doesn't.

Imagine a product that is richer than cream! You probably didn't think such a thing was possible, but it's true. The milk fat content of whipping cream comes in at a mere 35%. Compare that to the 48% milk fat content in Devon Double Cream and you can begin to see this stuff is in a category of sinfulness all its own. It comes from the creamiest of the cream that Devonshire Jersey cows produce. The English Tea Store website describes it as "a cross between ice cream and butter." I don't know about you, but that description almost takes my breath away.

2 1/2 cups flour
2 Tbsp sugar
2 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup cold butter, cubed
1 cup buttermilk
1 egg

Line baking sheet with parchment paper or dust with flour. Set aside. 

Mix together flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Cut in butter until crumbly. In separate bowl, whisk buttermilk with egg; pour over flour mixture. Stir with fork to make ragged dough.

Press dough into ball. On floured surface knead gently about 10 times. Pat out into 10 X 7 inch rectangle. 

Cut rectangle into 6 squares; cut each diagonally in half. Place on prepared pan. 

Bake at 400F about 18 minutes. Transfer to rack and let cool.

Beware! Once you have tried this stuff there is no turning back.


  1. oh. my. word. do you deliver? between you and R today I have seriously watering tastebuds and too much yardwork to do anything about it...

  2. That scone looks awfully luscious. I'm going to pass this recipe onto the foodie in the family, my hubby. Here in New Jersey I guess we will have to settle for plain old heavy cream. I promise, though, no Cool Whip!

  3. @Jennifer - Send Jeremy down to your local Save-On. The Devon Double Cream should be in the deli section. It would make a nice treat for when you take a break from yard work. :-)

  4. @lyndagrace - Too funny about the Cool Whip promise! I think you might be able to find this double cream at a local deli, or maybe there is a store specializing in British goods nearby. It is worth seeking out!

  5. For me there is nothing quite like Cornish clotted cream. Have you had it? The English Tea Store have it and will ship it.

  6. Sadly, until this post, I was one of the unenlightened...never having heard of it! Did you say our local Save-On sells it? I'll have to try it. Whipping Cream is my hands down favorite add-on to almost anything... it may have to be relegated to second place after I try this product!

  7. @amelia - I was trying to pass on bad habits, not acquire new ones! :-) I might have to give that Cornish clotted cream a try though.

    @Aneta - It's in the deli section at Save-On, which seems odd considering it is a dairy product. Just watch the dates on the jar you get.

  8. I never knew 48% fat cream existed, but now that I do, I'm feeling awfully deprived of it!

  9. We've had this brand, which is the closest we have gotten to the ones you get in the UK. It's still not quite the same as the ones we had in Scotland.

    It is my husband's favourite.

  10. I've wanted to enjoy cream, but have always been disappointed--even Cool Whip is better than most I have tried. This double cream may be the cure. Thank you for sharing. If I can't find it locally, I see that igourmet sells it on-line.

    Have you tried Nutella? It's the hazelnut-chocolate filling found inside Ferrero Rocher chocolates--except it comes by the jar full. =)

  11. We don't have this in the UK (not in jars). What is it? Is it double cream or extra thick double cream (i.e. do you have to whip it)? And yes, do try clotted cream it is quite an experience ;-).

  12. @abby - You are definitely deprived. Trust me!

    @kate - Was the stuff you got in Scotland better than this? Would that even be possible??

    @Ric - I am noticing a trend in the comments. Both people who have referred to Cool Whip have been Americans. :-) We have Nutella, but I am not a fan. Which is weird because I like Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

    @Susie - You don't have this in the UK? I am shocked! It comes from the UK. I wonder what is up with that. It is like an extra thick double cream. You don't have to whip it. In fact, it is so thick a knife would stand up in it.

  13. Yup. stuff in Scotland was better. Husband isn't here or I'd get him to explain how (he's the food person around here).

    Son and I love Nutella, but husband doesn't.

  14. Hah! Look at all these've tapped into something here....thank you so much for posting these recipes....I'm trying to work out what the equivalent cream would be here in Oz - I'm thinking King Island double cream. I shall now stand in cold section of the local supermarket with my glasses on carefully reading fat percentages. Let's hope no-one from WW happens to be in the shop at the same time!! I am particularly excited about the pumpkin scone recipe further down as we are harvesting our pumpkins at the moment...just about the only thing we seem to be ably to grow successfully in our tiny backyard. Really its not "we"'s my husband who carefully fertilises the flowers to help nature along...there don't seem to be too many bees about of late.

  15. It's throwing me off because it's in a jar! ;-). I'm confused. We have double cream, which is like whipping cream but thicker (but you still pour it), or extra thick double cream (which is probably self-explanatory ;-) ), but I don't think is quite as thick as yours sounds. It's a mystery. I'd never heard of devon double cream, so I've learned something new (it does look delicious).

  16. @Luvvie - I would think if it says it is double cream it should be close. I find the Devon Double Cream in the deli section of our store and not the dairy section for some strange reason. And I think you will like the pumpkin scones!

    @Susie - This cream is very thick. It is so thick you really need to let it sit out of the fridge for a bit to have it soft enough to spread. The extra thick would be closer since there is no way you could pour this stuff.

  17. I have to love a blogger who writes an entire post related to scones...mmmm, scones...