Saturday, April 30, 2011

Potato Head

I am suffering from a severe case of post Royal Wedding fatigue. I set my alarm for 2:00 Friday morning thinking I would never actually be so stupid as to get up at that hour and watch. But I was and I did. I have to say I'm glad I made the effort. It was wonderful from start to finish! I quite like Queen Elizabeth, and seeing her in that yellow outfit increased my admiration. I think anyone who can pull off wearing that colour deserves an award. (If I wore that colour "royalty" would not be the first word that popped into your mind.)

I am also suffering from spring fever. We are finally getting some warm weather, and I managed to muster up enough energy to plant my seed potatoes today. And, of course, I couldn't do things the normal way. This year I am trying out potato grow bags

The idea sounds easy enough. You start out by putting about 6 inches of dirt in the bottom of the bag. I used organic potting soil for the bottom three inches, then topped it with three inches of Mel's mix (stolen from my garden boxes).

I placed four seed potatoes on top of the soil. Then I added another few inches of Mel's mix.

The bag got placed at the side of the house in an area that would otherwise be wasted space. My definition of wasted space is anything that isn't growing fruits and vegetables.

Life has taught me that things that sound too good to be true most often are, so I am hedging my bets. I planted the remainder of the seed potatoes in one of my garden boxes.

Update to follow at harvest time.....


  1. I miss potatoes! Please harvest fast, I want to see how yummy they look, when they come out from your pan :P

  2. The bag is an interesting idea, but 40 potatoes from a single bag? That doesn't seem possible. You were wise to hedge your bet. But if it produces as advertised, your family will appreciate the gamble. We grew yams (and squashed what seemed like a million potatoe bugs), but never white potatoes. I'm looking forward to reading about the results.

    My wife recorded the Royal Wedding and now wants me to transfer it to DVD. We should be able to do it. I just need to rewire how the cable box and DVR connect to the tv. I enjoyed listening to the event as she watched it. Hearing "God Save the Queen" always makes me smile--at the thought of the US co-opting the melody for "My Country, 'Tis of Thee". I hope it was meant as a tribute and not passive-aggressive jerkiness. Either way, it can be played at joint UK-US events and everyone can be happy. I used the event as an excuse to open a box of mint tea from Buckingham Palace. It was good, but I prefer lemon w/honey.

  3. We all enyoyed the Wedding of the year on the t.v. I can boast I spoke to the Queen when she visted Bexleyheath a couple of years ago. and she looks fabulous up close, lets hope this marriage lasts! I loved Diana and I think William takes after her in nature so he will make a great King.

  4. @MKL - Asia is definitely not the place to be if you want to eat potatoes! I will post pictures of some yummy dishes after the harvest IF any potatoes actually grow. I have my doubts...

    @Ric - I am skeptical about their claims as well. It sounds too good to be true. I am interested to hear you grew yams. Did you have any success with them? I am planning on putting some in this year for the first time.

    And your tea was really from Buckingham Palace? There must be a story behind that!

    @Anon - That is great that you actually got to speak to the Queen in person. I think she is amazing for her age, and I really admire her. I also loved Diana. At the end of this post I had originally written something uncomplimentary about Charles, but went back and edited it out. I didn't want to offend any of my readers, especially the ones from the UK.

  5. Which variety have you planted?
    I think my mum has a similar bag thing in her garden and it was successful last year.

  6. @natalie - The potatoes are a variety called Sieglinde. A friend recommended them, so hopefully they are a good variety. I'm encouraged to hear your mom had success growing them in a bag!

  7. We (my husband) has tried doing this with stacked tires before. That was out in the country. Stacked tires do not fit into my new, more refined aesthetic, here "in town". :) We'll have to check out the potato bag idea.

    Your grass looks awfully green, considering how weirdly cold it's been. I guess I figured BC would be further behind us. I can see that's not so.

  8. A lot of my friends stayed up to watch the Royal Wedding, but I didn't bother...I couldn't even get through the "highlights" the next day! Honestly, I just couldn't get into all the hype. It just looked like a really slow, boring ceremony to me.
    Ha ha! I sound like such a grouch!

    Ps. I thought what you had to say about Prince Charles was kind of funny.... ;)

  9. @Tana - I have heard about using tires, but didn't think our neighbours would appreciate it! It is odd, but where we live we are a bit further ahead than the Spokane area. Kamloops is a desert climate so we are usually colder in the winter but hotter in the summer.

    @PJ - I am not usually interested in famous people, movie stars, etc. The one exception would be the royals. I don't really follow them a lot, but because Harry and William are the same ages as my two oldest sons it has been interesting to watch them grow up. You might have noticed I removed my snarky comments about Prince Charles. But that doesn't mean I stopped thinking those thoughts. :-)

  10. I will watch the potato bags with interest. We have a good sized garden and grow enough potatoes to last the winter and share.