Sunday, May 22, 2011

Five Fast Facts

Here are five random facts that have absolutely nothing to do with anything.

  1. Our family dumps more milk down the sink than we actually consume. This happens because nobody here is a milk drinker. Today is a particularly egregious example of this as I am going to have to break the unopened seal on the unused, outdated 2 litre (half gallon) container sitting in my fridge before I can pour it down the sink.
  2. Out of the seven members in our family four of us were born outside of Canada, and only one of us doesn't hold dual citizenship. To add to the confusion, out of two daughters-in-law and one almost son-in-law only one of them was born in Canada. We make President Obama's situation look straightforward.
  3. Nobody who is living or ever has lived under this roof has ever been guilty of committing a family misdemeanour. Family misdemeanours include but are not restricted to such things as eating the last cracker in the box, then putting the box back in the cupboard instead of the recycling, absconding with the family cutlery (where do all those knives, forks and spoons go?), and starting small fires. In response to my questioning over the years I have been met with everything from vehement denials, to looks of incredulity that I would even think it possible that they would do such things. Maybe I just suffer from an overly suspicious nature.
  4. I have enough air miles for three free trips to Europe, or one trip to Europe and one to Asia. This would be much better news if I actually had someone to travel with. Does anybody feel like going to Europe for a few weeks this September?
  5. I am one of those annoying people who fall asleep the moment their head hits the pillow. I am also the kind of person who sleeps soundly the whole night through. Except for tonight. The howling wind woke me up from a deep sleep, and for some reason I started thinking about that milk in the fridge, and then I was thinking about my blog, and before I knew what was happening I found myself sitting at my computer at 3:00 in the morning. Unlike item number three, at least I know who, or in this instance, what was to blame.


  1. Your blog is 1. Funny, 2. Entertaining, 3. So very Relatable, 4. Extremely well written, 5. Inspirational.

  2. Oh Kristie, you make me laugh! i absolutely love the relatable topics you share with us~and of course they are all fabulously written. Dont stop writing...maybe you should be roused from your slumber more often;) ~hugs~

  3. LOL, at least something positive resulted from your being roused. Instead of milk, for us it's bread. We do eat a fair amount, but my wife likes to really stock up. As a result, I don't remember what fresh bread tastes like (@ home). She's also one of those people who fall asleep quickly...and almost anywhere. I have to solve the world's problems before I can get to sleep. Unfortunately I forget the solutions by morning.

    Being able to muster "looks of incredulity" when needed is a terrific survival skill. My compliments to their teacher--whoever he or she may be.

    Was the "howling wind" outside or is there a snorer in the house??? =)

    PS - Europe in September sounds wonderful. I'm sure you won't have trouble finding company.

  4. How do you manage to get that many air miles? I have enough to get Hannah from Campbell River, one way, ($300) with a little left over and I've been saving for ages.

  5. @lyndagrace - Thanks Lynda! Funny comment! :-)

    @Skye - I am glad I was able to make you laugh Skye!

    @Ric - I think my kids learned their survival skills from each other. It is one of the bonuses of having lots of siblings. And the howling wind was outside. If it had been inside I would have been able to give it a kick to silence it. :-)

    @Maureen - I am a hoarder. I have been banking these points for years.

  6. I tried to leave a post while I was away, but my stupid laptop wouldn't cooperate.

    In my family of four two were Canadian-born, one had dual citizenship by being British and one didn't get citizenship until she had been in the country for 20 years. None of us were biologically related, either. I think mixed up families are more the norm than we realize.

    I also thought you should take me to Europe, I'd totally make myself free, but then I realized the males in my house might have a problem with that.

  7. So that's what they are: family misdemeanors. I wondered what to call the cutlery going missing at my house.

    None of the boys at my house know anything at all about it. Nope.

  8. I just bought a 2L carton of milk this week because 1L is never quite enough. Some gets consumed in cooking/baking, but several cups of tea a day with milk xs 2 means we actually go through it quite quickly.

    I'm not someone who falls asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow...sometimes I wish I was, then I wouldn't be up at 2:27 unable to sleep. :P

  9. @kate - Your family sounds like ours! I think families that are mixed up in terms of nationality are way more common in Canada than the US. I would love to have you go to Europe with me! I am planning to spend at least half my time in Scotland and England. Still interested?

    @Kate - You have this cutlery problem too? And the innocent suspects? I think this problem has spread south of the border. :-)

    @Becks - Ha! I write a post at 3 AM that you answer at 2:30 AM. Even though you are now going through more than a 1L carton of milk a week you need to put this in perspective. Many people would go through that much in a day. And I know you are not someone who falls asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. Just like Ric said in his comment, you are someone who has to solve the world's problems before you fall asleep at night.

  10. Hey, at least you were here after the Rapture to post your list!

  11. You could just donate your air miles to ME :)
    A trip in September sounds least you won't be surrounded by tourist hordes. I'm a little scared of what I'm getting myself into with a June trip.

  12. @Tana - Funny! That whole rapture thing was just too weird.

    @Jill - I would donate them to you, but you already have that trip in June planned so clearly don't need them. :-)