Saturday, May 14, 2011

Six Positives, a Half Dozen Negatives

(-)   Last night it got down to just one degree above freezing. The basil plants I left on the back deck now look like they have jaundice.

(+)  It was warm today. After this delayed spring I will never take warm days for granted again.

(-)   Blogger has been down for almost 24 hours, and my post on May's Frugal Luxuries seems to have vanished into the ether.

(+)   Blogger is free. I don't pay a penny for the privilege of using it. 

(-)   The past two springs I have been in Asia, and I am feeling a little sorry for myself that I'm not there right now.
China 2009
I found a knitter in Beijing!
Peking duck
Karsten and me on the Great Wall
Korea 2010
Korean BBQ
Rebekah and me in Busan
(+)   Rebekah and Anton are in Asia, so at least I can enjoy it vicariously through their stories and pictures when they get back. 

(-)   Our neighbourhood had an infestation of white-crowned sparrows and they ate my spinach crop and chewed on some of my Brussels sprouts and broccoli leaves.

(+)   Kellen helped me put some chicken wire over the garden boxes. The birds have now departed and I think it should be safe to remove the wire.

(-)   When I went to put on my Crocs that were outside on the back deck a huge black spider fell out of them. I was afraid to look and see if it was a black widow.

(+)   At least I hadn't put my foot into the shoe before the spider fell out. 

(-)   I hate lilacs. Any natural beauty I might otherwise have ascribed to them is completely wiped out by the fact that I am deathly allergic to the things. Okay, maybe not deathly allergic, but I am very allergic to them. Kamloops is full of lilacs. They are in back yards, front yards, and line some streets. For the three or four weeks they are in bloom I go around in an allergy induced haze, loosely described as a cross between feeling vaguely like I'm coming down with a cold and that my head isn't attached to my body. I think as soon as we get the "no scents in public places" thing under control the next thing the world needs to work on is the eradication of all lilac bushes. 

(+)   As a knitter I am thankful I don't have the same reaction to wool.


  1. Cute post.

    But stay away from my lilac bush.

  2. Balance in all things, that's supposed to be good. But the spider, sparrows, temperature swings, and lilacs are pretty awful--with the last two the worst (to me). I'm sorry you lost the post, sounds like I picked a good time to be away and not posting. I did read your blog from Panama, but had trouble logging in. Some systems I couldn't get into at all and some I couldn't log into. I discovered the non-letter keys are in different locations on keyboards in Panama, so I made even more typos than usual.

    Watch out for those spiders!

  3. Your post reminds me of the children's story where each page began with Fortunately/Unfortunately.. can't remember the title, but it was humorous.

    I love the smell of lilac bushes. Sorry to hear you are allergic to them. I will not let you in my back yard ever. ;)

  4. @kate - I will heed your warning. Has your bush bloomed yet, or is it still too cold?

    @Ric - Welcome home! I had that trouble with the keyboards in Korea and China too. How was your trip? Hopefully there will be an upcoming blog post filling us in on your adventures.

    @Aneta - Your back yard would be safe once the bushes stop blooming. The flowers are what do me in. The children's story doesn't ring a bell. Hard to believe we missed it!

  5. Lilacs are lovely and the scent is divine!!

    Cold here tonight, we have a big fire roaring, -4 tonight.

  6. I have been in love with lilacs as long as I can remember. Please plan your trips around this time as I want our city to keep all its lilac bushes, but feel bad that you have to suffer. (they were my wedding flower too, so have sentimental value)

  7. I loooooove lilacs!!! I am sorry that allergies have ruined their beauty for you :(

  8. Wasn't that thing with Blogger strange? It's the first time I've had that problem.

  9. (+) You take the time to write such entertaining blogs which I love to read.

  10. @amelia - I hope things warm up for you soon so you don't need that roaring fire!

    @Maureen -Ha! I did take my last two trips around this time only to discover that the places I was visiting also had lilacs in bloom.

    @Jill -It definitely seems as though I am outnumbered. The lilac lovers are winning.

    @shandy - Yes, the thing with Blogger was both strange and annoying. I just keep trying to tell myself it is free. That helps me feel less annoyed.

    @lyndagrace - Thanks so much for your kind words!

  11. LOL, I worried about that too--that someone might be mad at the fellow. I also worried about another man with my name who lives only 2 miles from me. I hope he was single because girls used to call my house looking for him. Thankfully none ever showed up. My wife had a LOT of fun telling the girls "I'm Rick's wife" when they called. I used to wonder if he ever got in trouble because of that.

  12. Travel to Asia - any interest in going to Indonesia with your air miles? My son and his family were in Hong Kong for 3+ years and have just moved to Jakarta. The family dog travelled separately. Now all are reunited. And the 2 older children are enrolled in the British International School, having been in the Canadian International School previously.