Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Cat Cure

I recently posted about my frustrations with Emily, our needy cat, and how my husband had ended up with a broken toe when he was dealing with her neediness in the middle of the night. When I wrote that post I knew we were on the brink of having a cure for Emily's loneliness, but due to the Family Secrecy Act I was not at liberty to reveal our plan.

Father's Day has come and gone, so details of our miracle cure for cat loneliness can now be shared. This plan was in the works for almost two months, with many secret phone calls and emails being exchanged between Karsten and myself. As Father's Day drew closer communication increased, as did the excitement levels.

There is a lot of truth to the expression that the only secret that ever gets kept is the one that doesn't get told. With 5 kids, 3 kids-in-law, a set of grandparents, Jay's 2 sisters and numerous friends all "in the know" there was a high risk of a security breech. So when Karsten and Diana, procurers of what was to double as the cat cure and a group Father's Day gift, arrived Saturday afternoon and Jay was still oblivious we were all pretty proud of ourselves.

Introducing the Hammond cat cure:

Jenny, our 3 1/2 month old short-haired Dachshund
Rebekah and Jenny
Karsten and Jenny
Karsten, Diana and Jenny
The efficacy of our plan was not as successful as we had hoped for. Emily took one look at her new companion and responded by going into a pout that is now entering its fifth day.

Emily, the dethroned cat
Emily might not have been having a good time, but the rest of us had a great weekend. With all five kids here, along with their spouses, spouses-to-be, and a new puppy it was a busy house. I would just like to go on the record as saying that caring for a new puppy is not only fun, it is also a ton of work. I am exhausted!

On Sunday afternoon some of us went out to the BC Wildlife Park. These little donkeys at the petting zoo didn't seem to know if they were coming or going.

After many lost hours of sleep thanks to our new addition I kind of feel the same way myself.


  1. In no time at all Emily will let that little Jenny dog know who is the boss, once she decides to stop pouting. You should see our female cat boss our australian shepherd around!

    Well done on the surprise!

  2. YAY! PUPPY! Impressive that you were able to run a covert operation with so many moving parts!

  3. I love dachshunds! So cute!! Not sure our cat would be too pleased if I got a new dog, but I have been thinking about it. The only thing is, I hate getting up early to let the dog out. That's why I like cats!

  4. Is that the dog that is going to save you from bear/coyote/snake/large dog attacks? :) Pretty cute though!

  5. Any chance she'll turn out to be the "Ugliest Dachshund"? By which I just mean huge, not ugly. She's clearly a cutie (I like Dachshunds). But wouldn't that be something! =)

    Congratulations on completing the covert operation undetected. I hope J enjoyed the surprise and had a nice Father's Day.

    PS - Emily is a beautiful cat. She looks just like the first male cat I ever had. He once kept my mom from stepping on a snake that had curled up on our sidewalk. She was carrying a grocery bag and didn't see it. The cat brushed against her legs (something she hated and that he never did), she looked down...

  6. @kate - It will be interesting to see if your prediction comes true. It is hard to picture. The puppy has already learned she can chase Emily around the house. She is doing it for fun, but Emily doesn't view it that way at all!

    @Michelle - Yes, I was surprised we were able to pull it off. Lots of moving part, and lots of moving mouths to spill the beans!

    @Aneta - I don't mind getting up early to let her out since I am a morning person. What I do mind is that she is intruding on my peace and quiet! She is cute enough I am willing to forgive her at this point. We'll see as things progress. I think you should get a dog. Your cat is probably lonely too. :-)

    @Maureen - In her imagination she would save me from all those things. Dachshunds think they are German Shepherds!

    @Ric - Actually, Dachshunds are known for their ability to eat huge amounts of food and they need to be rationed if you don't ant to end up with the "Ugliest Dachshund." Was the snake your mom almost stepped on poisonous? I detest snakes!

  7. Hmm, maybe not the cure I would have chosen...but cute. I have a friend who after her first puppy said if she had known how much work it was, she would have adopted another child instead. (She had several.)

  8. @Mary Lou - I have two friends who have done the puppy thing this past year, so I was fairly well prepared after listening to their stories. However, hearing stories and actually missing sleep are two very different things!

  9. We have a little wire haired dachshund (the last of a long dynasty) living here along with the whippets. The sleepless nights will soon be behind you, and puppyhood seems to fly by (dachsies do mature very quickly) so enjoy it while it lasts. She looks adorable ... here's wishing you guys masses of fun with her :D

  10. I don't think it was poisonous. But she was so upset, we eliminated the snake to help calm her down.

  11. I want donkeys as companions! They seem so peaceful and interested. How was it petting them?

  12. I love the lady slippers up there. (Now, when you change it, no one will know what the heck I'm talking about.) Beautiful!

  13. The dethroned cat looks gorgeous. She does have aura of Queen. Short haired miniature Dachshunds are very popular in Japan. I don't think I've seen many here (I'm currently in Southern California.) But probably, they are inside their houses and backyards. A puppy always steals the show. I love your photos and all the details in your story.

  14. @Annie - She really is adorable, and she is already much, much better at night. I love wire haired dachshunds too!

    @MKL - If I had a few acres I would definitely have a few of those donkeys for pets. You are right - they would make excellent companions. Unfortunately they rotate which animals are in the petting area and it was goats rather than the donkeys in the petting pen when we were there. I passed on petting the goats! :-)

    @Ric - Glad to hear your mom's life wasn't in danger. Well, unless she had had a heart attack after seeing the snake. But as a fellow snake hater I have to say I would rather go that way than from a venomous snake bite!

    @Tana - Thanks! Lady slippers are one of my favourite wild flowers. I wondered if anyone would recognize them!

    @keiko - Thanks! Emily is a beautiful cat. Today she did reach down from where she was sitting and swiped a paw at the puppy. I think she might be figuring out she is still royalty! And I think you are probably right about dachshunds being inside most of the time. It is interesting to hear they are popular in Japan. I am glad you enjoy the blog. Thanks for becoming a follower!

    @Kate - I suspect that cuteness will allow her to get away with more than she should. :-)

  15. wow..thats so cute:)

    hello..visiting here found you from my friend Rick on Ricademus:)nice to be here...

    followed here too:)

  16. @tejan - Hi! Rick has a great blog going doesn't he? Nice to have you here, and thanks for becoming a follower!