Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear Deer

To the ungulates whom it may concern:

Next time the two of you want to run full speed through the bush please look where you are going. Your lack of awareness of your surroundings resulted in the following panicked instruction.

"Deer! I am sure they are deer...Blow your whistle! NOW!!"

It is good I decided to blow first and ask questions later. I mean, it is bad enough when you jump in front of my car. While the resulting collision is going to harm both of us, most likely you are going to end up in far worse shape than me. But when the two of you came screaming towards us as we were walking along the trail minding our own business, I knew that in this situation any contact was going to weigh heavily in your favour. Potential outcome:

Deer 2
Hikers 0

It would have been considerate to at least have made a bit more noise as you bounded along. More than 20 yards of warning would have allowed us time to move out of your way. After all, we were talking and making ample noise so as to alert some of your wilderness neighbours such as the cougars and bears.  Would it have been too much to snap a twig or two as you did your hopping and bounding thing?

Before you get your respective backsides of venison up, in your favour I would like to acknowledge that you were not being aggressive. Blissfully ignorant would be a more apt description. However, had you not come to a screeching halt when I blew my whistle I don't think there would have been a noticeable difference in outcome.

I would like to close on a positive note by saying that before our unfortunate encounter I had some doubts as to whether or not I would be able to remain calm enough in an emergency to be able to use my whistle. Thank you for clearing up that matter for me.

Someone who does not want to have any more trail stories this year...

P.S. If ever there was a WTF moment, this would have been it. But as I have pointed out in a previous post I don't use that kind of language.


  1. Wow! Would you be interested in a seldom used treadmill? (I know your answer would normally be "no", but right after such a startling encounter you may not be thinking clearly.) I'll give you a great price. What do you say? =)

    On a more serious note, I'm glad you were able to sound the alarm and avoid serious harm--those trails are hazardous.

  2. I am glad you weren't harmed! crazy deers,huh?!

  3. I'm beginning to think your corner of the world sounds a tad too dangerous! The only things likely to rush out of the undergrowth at me here are rabbits or sheep, all of which tend to suddenly remember they have an appointment somewhere in the opposite direction the moment they see the whippets. Perhaps you need a whippet!
    Stay safe x

  4. That really made me laugh. I was on my horse one day this spring and two deer were running full speed right at us down the trail. Fortunatley, Holley is sensible and didn't freak out, and the deer ran into the underbrush when they saw a mammal much bigger than themselves. A skittish horse could have been trouble.

  5. @Ric - If I got a treadmill there would be nothing left to blog about! :-)

    @knottygal - Thanks. It really would have been bad if they hadn't stopped. It was a very strange experience!

    @Annie - It is a little known fact that sheep can be dangerous. When I was a girlI was getting my brother's sheep ready for the fall fair and it ripped off part of my fingernail. True story! So keep those whippets close by when you are out walking!

    @Mary Lou - Yours is the only other story I have ever heard about almost being run down by deer. It is a strange experience to see them charging straight at you isn't it?

  6. Glad you're safe, and I'm impressed you kept your calm so well. But look on the bright side - you don't seem to have to travel far for exciting blog content! (I don't know if that helps, actually. I'll stop talking now.)

  7. Wow, and I'm considering you as my hiking partner.. let me think on that a little longer! ;)

    Wondering if your trusty walking stick made you feel any safer?

  8. @bigmonkeypie - You are right about not having to go far for blog content, but I am really hoping this was the last trail story for this year. :-)

    @Aneta - But if you go hiking with me think of all the potential material that is there for your blog... And my walking stick always makes me feel safer. Hopefully it's not the placebo effect!

  9. Hi Kristie! Thanks for the wonderful comment. I think I got a headstart in the lessons dept by getting to spend so much time with my grandparents and also time in their tiny grocery store--observing their customers' behaviour.

    Did you notice I used an extra "u"??? :o)

  10. PS - And omgoodness, I have so much more to learn. I hope I never stop.

  11. We have deer near the house and especially the bucks are usually very wild and don't see who's path they cross.