Friday, August 19, 2011

Capture The Flag

This past week has been spent with family and friends, celebrating the new addition to our international family. There was the formal gifting of flags. You can tell Anton has been hanging around our family for awhile. He purchased a flag stand complete with Russian, Canadian and Korean flags for his parents, but made sure the stand had an extra space since his sister isn't married yet.
We were gifted with a Russian flag and a new stand. Our old one was at maximum capacity.
There was a little friendly competition at the Richmond Go Kart track. Note the intense look on Diana's face. She was ready to redeem herself after her infamous performance on the same track five years earlier. Unfortunately she picked the pink Barbie go kart, and it was very slow. At least she refrained from going backwards this time!
Last but not least was the food. You know if it involves the Hammonds food is going to make an appearance at some point. Rebekah and Alexandra prepared a BBQ feast for the family the night before the wedding. Not only did we get to load up on salads (three kinds), buns, burgers, Uighur shish kebabs and two choices of desserts, we also got to meet Anton's parents. It was great to get to know them before the wedding. I think they should get an award for bravery. It can't have been easy to face meeting so many Hammonds at one time, especially when English isn't their native language. But then again, perhaps we aren't quite as frightening when you can't understand what we are saying.

Details of the wedding itself to follow...


  1. Looks like a great outing! Welcome back.

  2. Love the picture of you in the centre. What a wonderful family you have.

  3. Tell us more about your planned trip to Scotland. What will your itinerary be?

    Great pictures of your family.

  4. Wedding? Already? OMGoodness! No wonder Rebekah looks so happy. Congratulations to the happy couple--and to the mother of the bride for having gotten through it.

    It almost looks like Diana is cracking her knuckles in anticipation of a smackdown. LOL! She's got the skills and now she knows the importance of selecting the right equipment, so I'm sure she'll win next time.

    About that driver, my wife was so mad at him when I told her about the Metro bus coming into my lane to avoid him. After I told her about him buying gas at the same station and being unapologetic (and kind of smug), she called him a jerk. When I told her the next part she said, "What if he had a gun???" You're both right, it wasn't a smart thing to do. I think in-between the "darkside" stories I have planned, I'll need to do a post about how I normally react to "situations" so people don't get the wrong idea from those few stories. Maybe I'll repeat that strange line from my last performance evaluation at work--my boss wrote, "Rick is the most patient person I've ever met." =)

  5. Welcome back. And many congratulations to the newly weds. And the winners of the go karting. It looks as if competition was fierce ;)

    And you're visiting Scotland? Tell me more :D

  6. Kristie,

    The photos are colorful and people, vivrant. I feel athletic while watching your blog. But I probalby go backward if I try go karting. It looks fun.

  7. @Mary Lou - Thanks for the welcome back. And yes, we had a great time!

    @kate - Thank you. I happen to agree - they are all pretty fantastic. :-)

    @Shandy - I am flying to London September 18. I plan to go up to Scotland a few days later and hike the Cateran Trail. I will post about it when I get the details finalized.

    @Ric - Yes, Rebekah and Anton are both very happy. They are a great couple. I am glad to know your wife was in agreement with me about you approaching the crazy driver!

    @Annie - Thanks for the welcome back. It is nice to be blogging again. I will post some details on my blog when I have my itinerary confirmed. Which is a fancy way of saying whenever I manage to get all the reservations made. :-)

    @keiko - I think the blog makes us look more athletic than we are in real life. Speaking of athletic, how is your biking going? Did you keep it or giv it away?

  8. Love those pics, and welcome back to blogging. I missed checking it out. Hope all is going well considering how busy your last few weeks have been!

  9. What an awesome family :) Good luck to Bekah. And Anton :)

  10. I have fell down three times. But my bike is okay, and I've been wearing my knee pads and lowere my seat.

  11. @Aneta - Thanks for the welcome back! Things have been up and down; grief mixed with celebration.

    @MKL - Thanks! I think Rebekah and Anton make such a nice couple. They wrote their own vows, and I think you would have enjoyed hearing them.

    @keiko - I hope lowering your seat has helped!

  12. I love reading about your family. You all love each other so much.

  13. So many different flags, does that represent the diverse backgrounds in the family?

  14. @Kate - Thanks Kate. I sense the same thing about your family when I read your blog.

    @Jo - Yes Jo it does. We have three internationally adopted children, thus the Korean, Romanian and Thai flags. I was born in the US and my husband is Canadian. One of my daughters-in-law is from China. And now we have the Russian!