Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Flying Start

I have just stepped off the flying petri dish, otherwise known as a Dash 8 aircraft, and am now waiting for my flight to London. I hate flying with a passion. Which might possibly be a contributing factor to the following rant.

To the anonymous lady sitting next to me, I totally understand that you can't help it if you have to sneeze. As an allergy sufferer I get it. I really do. But here's the thing. I have no idea if you are sneezing because you have allergies or because you are coming down with the plague. So could you please sneeze into your sleeve rather than into the wild?

And while I am on a rant I might as well get my money's worth. Again, this is directed at the anonymous woman, who when not sneezing was madly typing away on her iPhone. When the flight attendant said to turn off all electronics until the plane had reached cruising altitude why did you feel like you could continue texting away while we taxied down the runway? And, even more egregious, while we were taking off? People like you make people like me nervous. I noticed the pile of Christian pamphlets you were browsing through which struck me as rather odd. I think I can say with some degree of confidence that Jesus would not text during takeoff.

Now I feel better. Well, as good as I can feel when facing another 9 hours in the air. That short little hop from Kamloops down to Vancouver was just the beginning. By the way, have I mentioned I hate to fly? With a passion?

Okay, here is what my bed looked like yesterday when I had everything out that I wanted to take with me on the journey.

All of that had to fit in this.

There were tough decisions to be made. For instance, I ended up leaving behind my hot water bottle so I would have room for an emergency skein of yarn. This would be yarn I probably won't need because I already have two other projects packed, but you never know. Think of it as knitter's insurance.

Here I am boarding the flying petri dish. You can tell I haven't been sneezed on yet because I am still smiling.

One more thing. I just checked the weather forecast for the area of Scotland where we are going to be hiking. What, exactly, do they mean by "drizzle?"


  1. Good thing you didn't watch the movie Contagion before you left. Then you'd REALLY worry about the sneezing. I hope you got lots of knitting done on your long flight over. There's a silver lining in everything.

  2. I think "drizzle" means the best weather Scotland has to offer. A sprinkle is what the lady next to you was trying to do. Yuk! I have a phobia about germs when I think they're next to me on a plane.

    The flight attendants on US airlines have learned to use their power--it's almost impossible to get away with texting after the announcement is made. It makes me smile when a passenger thinks it doesn't apply to him or her and then the attendent shows them who's boss.

    You got the flight aggravation out of the way on the first leg of the trip, so it's smooth flying now.

  3. Oh dear, sounds a bit chaotic! And drizzle? I didn't realise it was just a term we use over here! It's light rain, like the phrase 'it's spitting' really light rain.

  4. "Jesus would not text during takeoff"... I couldn't help laugh aloud when I read that. Too funny! I'm glad you landed safely! Have a wonderful trip!