Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Hearty Endorsement

I don't usually promote things here at North of 49 but I'm going to make an exception for this study. This kind of news deserves widespread attention:

"Eating more chocolate could reduce the risk of developing heart disease by 37 per cent, a report in the British Medical Journal suggests."

I think the British are very smart to put their research dollars behind a study like this. Think of the money that will be saved by the National Health Service. Instead of patients booking appointments with their physician they can just nip out to the local corner store and load up on some "medicine."

"Cocoa products containing flavonal have been known to have an encouraging potential to help prevent cardio-metabolic disorders, the report said."

Never mind the flavonal's healing properties. What about the actual names of the products? Doesn't the thought of consuming something with the name Cadbury's make you feel better before you have even taken a bite? As opposed to something with a name like lovastatin or colesevelam. And I have yet to see a list of side effects on the wrapper of a chocolate bar.

I do think the report erred in being overly cautious about the suggested dosage. I am convinced the twice a week reference was a typo and am assuming they meant twice a day.

"What we found were that the beneficial effects occur if you consume chocolate at least more than twice a week...Moderation is key...everything in excess will have a deleterious effect on your health."

In an effort to improve my health I headed to the fridge the minute I finished the article. I have been away a good part of August, so my chocolate supply was running low, but I was sure I had a partial bar tucked away somewhere in the fridge. (I always put chocolate remainders in a sandwich bag and hide them behind tall objects to discourage scavengers.) I reached behind a bottle of some kind of Asian sauce and my hand landed on what I was looking for. I pulled out the small plastic bag, anxious to see what goody I had hidden away. Unfortunately it
wasn't chocolate.

It was a bag of blood worms which Alexandra had been feeding her fish. It would have been bad enough if these were fresh blood worms, but Alexandra's puffer fish died about a month ago, which put these well past their "best before" date. I can't even begin to describe the
revulsion I felt when I stood there holding those vile things.

I did eventually find some chocolate. At this point I didn't just want chocolate. I needed chocolate. Which leads me to my hot tips regarding chocolate sources:

Chocolate chips will do in a pinch.

But be very careful about the office brownies.


  1. I do hope you're right about the typo in that report ... I'm in trouble if you're wrong ;)

  2. I always knew it was health food. :)

  3. I loved the description in the news story that people 'fell ill' after eating the brownies. Is that what they call it these days?

  4. As long as it's milk chocolate I'm in.

  5. LOL, I guess I'll have a little medicine after lunch today.

  6. I'm with you on the chocolate stashes. Mine is usually under or behind the egg carton. ;)

  7. I avoid chocolate consumption these days, for the sake of keeping fit, although I allow myself chocolate milk occasionally.

    The research mentions that chocolate reduces the risk of heart disease... but doesn't chocolate increase the percentage of cholesterol in the body?

  8. @Annie - I am positive it was a typo!

    @Tana - Of course it is a health food - they sell it at my local health food store. :-)

    @Mary Lou - Ha! I think the term "falling ill" is applied when it was unintentional.

    @Nadia - For me either milk or dark works. If it calls itself chocolate I'm in.

    @Ric - Do you mean chocolate you have brought from home, or brownies someone has kindly brought to the office to share? :-)

    @Aneta - Now you are in trouble. I know where your chocolate stash is!

    @Jo - I am not sure about the cholesterol part. There is so much conflicting information about cholesterol I tend to not even pay attention. But even if that part has a negative effect hopefully it is cancelled out by the good effects from the report. :-)