Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The High Country

Kamloops is in a dry desert zone, but an hour's drive in any direction will land you in completely different terrain. Heading north on the Yellowhead Highway brings you to the exit for Sun Peaks, which is world famous as a winter ski resort. What it is not so well known for is its main summer attraction. Namely, the wildflowers.

It is a strange experience to hop onto the chairlift wearing shorts and a t-shirt instead of winter gear. When you get off the lift there are several different trails to choose from. Kellen, Anita and I decided we were up for a challenge, so we headed on the trail that went to the very top of the mountain.

Once we got to the top there was another trail that led to Todd Lake. We were a bit nervous about taking it. The chairlift closed at 4:30, and we didn't want to miss the last ride down. I am glad we decided to risk it. The walk to the small lake was beautiful, but that isn't the main reason I decided we made the right choice. Rather, it was this inukshuk. While it might be common to spot inukshuks, it's not every day you see one that looks like this.

Don't worry if you missed its uniqueness. I didn't notice at first either. Here's a closer look.

Another kilometer or so down the trail from the anatomically correct inukshuk we came to Todd Lake. It was lovely, and we would have stayed more than 5 minutes if we had been alone. Unfortunately a thousand mosquitoes had also decided to journey to this remote spot.

It was the perfect day for a hike in the mountains.


  1. When I was in Aruba, we saw stacked rocks EVERYWHERE. A local explained to us that it is a Hawaiian tradition to stack rocks and make a wish for each one you add. I'm not sure if it's the same phenomena you encountered, but it reminded me of it.

  2. Our family went up there a few years ago for my mom's birthday. Isn't it beautiful?

  3. I was just going to say, Hey! We went there for my birthday 2 years ago in September. And it was fantastic. We had no bugs then..at least I don't remember any. It was a super HOT day, somewhat like the weather we are experiencing now. We spent some time building inukshuk's, but not quite as detailed as the one you found. ;)

  4. I was completely envious until you mentioned the mosquitoes. The way they love my daughter, she would be half-a-liter low after visting the lake (I'm old-fashioned, so I'd be a quart low).

    I love fields of wildflowers.

  5. @Michelle - Here the inukshuks are inspired by Inuit art. The Inuit live in the Arctic. That is interesting about Aruba. It seems like many different people groups did similar things in art, architecture, etc.

    @Jill - It was absolutely gorgeous! Our timing for seeing the wildflowers was perfect, and the weather was perfect as well. It would have been a good choice for your mom's birthday!

    @Aneta - Are you sure you weren't responsible for that inukshuk? :-)

    @Ric - The mosquitoes were only bad at the lake, so you could have avoided them quite easily. If you ever make it here for a visit we can take you on this hike. If you like fields of wildflowers I promise you would be impressed!

  6. Thank you so much for this link! I've been there!!! I will try to upload a photo.

    Shirley in Oregon