Saturday, September 10, 2011

In Sickness And In Health

I have put off this blog post about Rebekah's wedding for two reasons. The first is I have been waiting until  I had access to the video they showed that evening. The second is, well...things didn't go exactly as planned.

Family and some very helpful friends showed up early to prep. My guess is my brother didn't know when he agreed to be the emcee for the evening that it also meant he had to be the candle lighter.

The venue was great, and we stationed David outside the front door so guests would know they had arrived at the right spot. David was the perfect pick, as he tends to stand out in a crowd.

This "memory corner" proved to be popular. Everyone enjoyed looking at baby photos of the bride and groom!

There was amazing food, and entertainment was provided by Alexandra and Anita.

Rebekah looked beautiful, and her dress was gorgeous.

Vows were exchanged.

Along with the rings.

Then disaster struck. Rebekah got sick. Very, very sick. So sick that halfway through her wedding I had to take her to her apartment. It was sad and it was horrible. There is no way to put a good spin on it. I know everyone else had a great time, but the most important person - the one who had spent months planning and had so looked forward to celebrating with family and friends - missed her own party. The best guess is that she had food poisoning from some leftovers she had eaten for lunch, but we will never know for sure.

Here is the video they showed the night of their wedding. There is a password you need to be able to view it. It is rhaz. The password is only good for the next week. Rebekah's blog has some great pictures from her wedding, and you can read her perspective on the evening.


  1. Poor Rebekah :( But in 25 years, that will be the story told at her anniversary party, and it will be fun and special and part of the love of the day.

  2. Such a shame that Rebekah was so ill. She looked beautiful...congratulations to them both. Linda & family(UK)x

  3. Poor Rebekah, being sick on her wedding day. Standing near the food table must have been less than pleasant for her. Apparently her happiness kept the illness from showing in the pictures.

  4. @Kate - I hope you are right, and years from now it will be a fondly remembered story. We have a ways to go to get to that point though!

    @Linda - She looked very beautiful, and my pictures don't do her justice. The lighting was quite dark in the hall where they had the wedding, so it is hard to see her dress. Did you have a look at Rebekah's blog? She has much better pictures than me.

    @Ric - It doesn't show in these pictures, but when you look at the ones the photographer did you can definitely see her smile fading as the evening progressed.

  5. Looks like it was a lovely time (except for the fact that Rebekah got sick!). She has some great pics on her blog..she looks radiant!

  6. I loved your post, her video and her story. We had a shoe string wedding 34 years ago and I think the whole thing was less than $600. The ministers wife even brought potato salad. I had wanted carrot cake for a wedding cake but couldn't afford it. I asked several girlfriends to make cakes for us and they were all delicious! Congratulations to all.

  7. I have to say, she looked absolutely gorgeous and hid her discomfort amazingly well! So disappointing she had to leave though :(
    I hope she has a few good memories of earlier in the evening.

  8. So sad to hear about what happened to Rebekah. But I hope she will remember the good happy parts. In our case, we had the wedding banquet yesterday and we also had to improvise a lot. But luckily, things went ok and nobody noticed anything. Wish your daughter and her husband all the best for the future :)

  9. @Jill.and.Regis - I think she was having a great time for the first half of the evening, so hopefully those will be the memories that stand out as time moves on. I know she felt so bad that she didn't have a chance to visit with all of you who had made such a huge effort to be there.

    @MKL - Congrats on making it through your wedding banquet! I am sure only you and Lily noticed that you were improvising. :-)