Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nothing But A Dare

We have decided to temporarily shift our focus from the Scottish countryside to the english & Scottish kitchen. Here is Kath, making a guest appearance at North of 49.

Kristie & I want to refute the out right lies spoken about English and Scottish food. Their whole cuisine is definitely not "nothing but a dare" as stated by Saturday Night Live.

ENGLAND...We heralded a taxi driver & Kristie right away began talking food to our cabbie. Jaimie Oliver was mentioned and their eyes lit up while mine went blank. Who was this English dude I thought. Little did I know he was a food hero to many including Kristie. That night my eyes began to glow while dining at Jaimie's latest London venture. Their wait staff brought us smoked boar sausages upon a bed of spiced lentils; chips in truffle oil; & crunchy & snappy cooked vegetables. We had no room for dessert. As Kristie & I left, we looked at each other & said "We will be back!"

SCOTLAND...Oh Scotland, what can Kristie & I say but the Scottish food has been a delectable delight. It all began with a Perthshire breakfast the first morning. At first glance at the menu, we were sure our B & B could not supply this amazing feat of food! The following is the list of breakfast items fit for Kings & Queens as well as 2 women from BC & Idaho.

A wide range of cereals including homemade granola
Fruit Juices
Yogurt (Scottish Rowan Glen Fruit and/or homemade natural)
Homemade fruit compotes, poached prunes/apricots and of course in season raspberries and strawberries. Blairgowrie is 'The Berry Capital of Scotland'
Scottish Cheeses
Homemade scones, muffins, cake etc.

Hot from the kitchen:

A bowl of oatmeal porridge (oats from Gloagburn Farm) with perhaps sugar and cream and a nip of Edradour whisky.

Choose your own combination of:

Grilled Bacon (Silver award winning low salt back bacon)
Pork Sausage
Scottish mushrooms/hand-picked Chanterelles in season
Fried Bread
Pan fried Apple
Homemade Tattie Scone
Black Pudding
Haggis Pudding
Eggs: Fried, Scrambled, Poached or Boiled (from my own hens)

The Classic:
1 or 2 Scottish breakfast rolls filled with bacon and topped with a fried egg.

We have other breakfast choices depending what is available or in season.

All served with homemade toasted bread, Oatcakes and of course Coffee, Scottish Breakfast Tea, Fruit Infusions or Hot Chocolate.

Homemade Marmalade and Jam and local honey and other sauces all available.

We enjoyed our hosts larder & her bounty of local produce, meats & cheeses!

That is only a smidgin of the delectable foods we have tasted. We even became brave enough to try haggis! The review is mixed. Kristie was sure she could feel it move through her digestive system! I on the other hand thought it was bland & palatable.

Onto black pudding (blood pudding) next! Although I might have to tie Kristie down for that one!!!


  1. jill - gilmore houseSeptember 27, 2011 at 12:48 AM

    Great photos and blog and I hope you are enjoying the Cateran Trail - lovely to have met you both, jillx

  2. Yum! Puts my own breakfast of homemade bread and local honey to shame. Which B&B was that again?

  3. Wow, that is a lot of food!! However, I'm thinking you need it for a good day of walking.

  4. Ladies, you should try the Burns night tradition of haggis with a drum of whisky poured over it...definitely not bland then!

  5. Oh my, I want to weep for joy over the descriptions and photos of this food. Both Steve and I are ready to leave on this same trip right now (alas, this shall have to wait...) I really want to know what porridge and whiskey together is like!