Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Walker's Best Friend

Blogging with an iPad, Blogsy App, and sketchy Internet connections is not without its challenges. One frustration is I have not been able to add links to my posts. I have decided that when I get home a whole post will be about the great places we have stayed, some thoughts on running B&Bs, along with the appropriate links. I also want to apologize for not responding to individual comments left with my posts. I will try to address these in a future post as well. In the meantime keep the comments coming - we are reading and appreciating them at the end of each day.

Walking the Cateran Trail continues to be an amazing experience. I am writing this quick post on the morning of our last day. One thing you won't see in any of our pictures, but is an integral part of our journey, is our bottle of ibuprofen. Kath is still nursing a foot injury and I have managed to catch a cold. When I woke up with a fever at the beginning of day four I was not sure I could make it. However, a couple of ibuprofen later I thought it just might be possible. Plus it was a shorter section of the trail. We only had eleven miles to cover.

I am headed down for another hearty Perthshire breakfast, so will stop here. Hopefully everyone is still enjoying the pictures I am posting. The beauty of the Scottish countryside is hard to fully capture in photos. Tonight we arrive in Edinburgh. We are looking forward to seeing the city but will miss the heather and moors, cattle and sheep, bracken and gorse, gently rolling hills and kind people of this little corner of the Scottish Highlands.


  1. Oh dear, a cold does not a good walking companion make, nor a foot injury. But hey, you did it, you got to Edinburgh. Well no doubt you did by the time you read this :D

  2. Your travel has been a delight to follow, I thank you for posting such lovely pictures and detailed stories along your way. Sorry to hear about Kath's foot and your cold. Keep well on the last leg of your journey!

  3. I am LOVING the pictures! Thank you for posting. Technology is wonderful.

  4. The pictures are wonderful! I'm not sure how I read the next post before this one (I haven't been on-line much since it was the last week of our fiscal year at work), but I feel silly about my comment. I didn't know you two were under the weather. I hope you're better by the time you read this.