Thursday, October 27, 2011

Exercise Fail

I had this great idea. I decided I needed a more well-rounded approach to exercise, that I needed to expand my fitness repertoire and challenge myself in a new way. In other words, I decided I needed to do something besides walk every day.

After doing a bit of research, meaning I asked my walking partner what she did, I decided to try a kettle weight program. Not sure this was going to be something I would stick with I didn't want to spend a lot of money. I found a very reasonably priced program called Kettlenetics at Amazon.

This great idea happened back in July. The box has been sitting in the family room, unopened, until this week. Three months from the parcel being delivered to me opening it. No sense rushing into a new exercise program. After all, there is always the risk of injury.

Monday was the great unveiling of the contents. Feeling exhausted by this huge step forward in my fitness routine I decided to wait until Tuesday to actually watch the DVD and figure the program out.

Tuesday morning I reluctantly popped the DVD into my computer and sat watching the intro video. I became confused over whether I had ordered a physical exercise program or one of those brain builder programs. Michelle Khai, the instructor, zipped through the various moves so fast I am sure I burned calories just by moving my eyes rapidly back and forth trying to follow her. Feeling totally spent, I decided to wait until Wednesday before I tried any of the moves with the kettle bell.

Most mornings I limit myself to two cups of tea. However, not wanting to rush into my new exercise program without being properly hydrated, Wednesday I decided I better make it an even three. That third cup of tea gave me the extra half hour I needed to muster up enough motivation to take my laptop to the family room, pop in the twenty minute demo DVD, and attempt to mimic Ms. Khai's every move. 

At the five minute mark I had already had to back up and watch one part four times before I could figure out how she was holding the bell. At the ten minute mark I knew I was on information overload and decided I better do it in two parts. Who knew there could be so many different kinds of lunges?

Which brings me to this morning. It is rather embarrassing to admit, but I am stiff and sore. Not from doing a new exercise program. That I could feel good about. No, my muscles are aching from just ten minutes of trying out the various moves that will be incorporated into the routines. Which is why I am waiting until tomorrow to finish the demo, and also why I have had an ibuprofen with my morning tea.


  1. OK first off, love the harry potter banner picture and can't wait to show my son!

    Secondly, you make me laugh. And this: my husband, who plays volleyball two nights a week and walks a lot, decided to give drop in badminton a try one night. He could barely walk for two days after because of the muscles you use for lunging. So don't feel bad!

  2. @kate - The Harry Potter picture was taken at King's Cross Station, so I can almost say it was at the "real" Platform 9 3/4. :-)

    I am glad I gave you a laugh. And thanks for letting me know about your husband. I don't feel quite as pathetic now.

  3. i love the kettlebell -- it kicks your ass and in such a "who, me?" kind of way. i find a lot of great explanatory videos on youtube, and of course my daughter marnie sends me a lot of great information. wait until you master the kettlebell twist! it's so much fun.

  4. Sounds like a challenging workout! Just think of the workout your BRAIN is getting just by figuring out the moves!

  5. @lori - It is good to hear that you like the kettle bell workout. I think if I just stick with it I may get to that point too. "May" is the key word in that sentence! :-) Thanks for the video link.

    @Aneta - Ha! I have my Chinese program for my brain. This one was supposed to be for physical exercise. :-)

  6. You didn't need the video in July and the best way to store something is in it's original packaging. It's just logical that you didn't open it until now.

    I've never understood workout videos don't all have a walk-through of the movements before expecting you to dive right in. My wife has had that problem with classes at the gym. It's very hard to get started. Well, I guess I should say that makes it even harder to get started.

  7. PS - The verification word was "eysit". LOL!!!

  8. Kristie,

    I didn't know about kettlebell. It's good that you try new things and to figure out how to do it. I'm way behind.

    I also need exercise badly beside my daily walk. I know my body is at pathetic state. I can't use traditional squat type toilet. And I don't like any mindless exercise except dancing. So I started to take two Jazz classes, beginner and intermediate. In the intermediate class, it's hard to follow. But I love sweating out. I feel healthier.

  9. I meant jazz dance, the kind I have to move my body.

  10. ah yes, i need to get back exercising properly too, even a daily walk would be good, time for the bigger kids to mind the littler ones so i can get out after work;
    i may even do some stepping on a special stepper thing i bought, and i have some wrist and ankle weights somewhere too, just gotta start again.
    Delighted to see you have found and enjoy Hege's blog in Norway, aka Cloudberry!

  11. @Ric - I like your take on things. Perhaps it was the best way to store the program! :-)

    @keiko - Good for you for taking the jazz classes! Those squat toilets are definitely a test of how in shape a person is. :-)

    @barazile - I think it is the way it is for most of us, we need to do more, know we should do more, but just find a hard time working it into our schedules. Those stepper exercisers are supposed to be a great workout, and a daily walk would be a great place to start getting back into exercising. And yes, Hege's blog is lovely.

  12. I signed up for a kettlebell class. Maybe I'd better start brewing the tea now.

  13. @Mary Lou - That's great! And definitely make a pot of tea. :-)