Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grand Finale

Friday was the last day of my big adventure. In the morning Pat, Jill, John and I headed out to Bodiam Castle. It is the quintessential Medieval castle. In fact, it looked so much like the Lego castle my boys played with when they were young I wondered if it had served as the model for the Lego version.

A lady dressed in period costume explained the clothing of that time. Think practical, not pretty.

Our next stop was Sissinghurst Castle. This was really more of a manor house than a castle, complete with a lovely garden.

Sprinkled throughout the countryside of Kent are circular buildings called oast houses. They were used to dry the hops as part of the brewing process. They reminded me a bit of landlocked lighthouses.

Friday night we were joined by Pat's daughter Linda and granddaughter Olivia at a local pub that served traditional English food. The names of some of the dishes sounded a bit sketchy. John ordered the dessert with the most worrisome title. As you can see from the picture it turned out to be different than one might have expected.

I went to bed Friday evening feeling quite sad that my big adventure was almost over. It was the trip of a lifetime, and had exceeded my expectations in every possible way. As I drifted off to sleep I thought of how incredible it was that I had just spent three weeks traipsing around Scotland, England and Luxembourg without a single thing going wrong. However, I wasn't quite home yet.


  1. Kristie, I've been reading your trip posts from the beginning and I admit to a whole lot of jealous! It truly does sound like you're having the trip of a lifetime. Following you through your blog posts has been fascinating and educational. Thank you for sharing your trip with all of us who read your blog.

  2. Just amazing! Such a wonderful place to visit. It never occurred to me until just now how much effort humanity has devoted to making beer and wine. It was well worth it to help avoid bacteria. =)

    I think I would have ordered the hot berries with vanilla ice cream--I get paranoid about what I eat the day before a long flight.

  3. @Ev - I am glad you enjoyed going along on the trip with me via my blog. At times I felt like a spokesperson for the Scottish Tourist Board, but it was hard not to go on and on about how lovely it was.

    @Ric - Ha! Not just beer and wine. You should see what goes into making a bottle of whisky! And I'm with you on the hot berries and ice cream. :-)

  4. Great photos! I think I would thoroughly enjoy a visit to Bodiam castle!