Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Last Hand

I have just returned from a visit with my mom. The drive is a long one. In perfect conditions it takes about 8 hours. However, the drive includes two mountain passes, so it often takes longer. This trip turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Fall is my favourite season, and my drive was perfectly timed with the changing colours.

It was nice to spend time with my mom. It was also hard. The apartment has been cleared of my dad's things. When I am there every nook and cranny speaks of loss. The missing bathrobe on the back of the bathroom door, the empty space at the bottom of the stairs where his shoes used to be, the table by his reading chair minus his latest novel. There was, however, this one small reminder of my dad. Every morning my parents would play a couple hands of gin rummy. They kept a running win/loss tally on the side of the fridge. It remained there, waiting for the next hand to be played. Recording the last hand played.

A few days before I went down to my mom's my knitting friend Maureen and I met for tea. She surprised me with this beautiful shawl.

It was knit with many prayers and a lot of love. I am so glad I had it to wrap up in when I got home. 


  1. What a lovely knitting friend! So sorry for your loss, Kristie ♥

  2. Seeing the changes at your mom's place must have been difficult.I'm sure your mom was very happy to have you come visit for a bit.

    What a beautiful gift Maureen gave you!

  3. Oh I remember the first time I went home after my father died. So hard. How nice to have a cozy wrap for support when you got home.

  4. I also remember going through this when my mother-in-law died. Takes some time to adjust, for sure.

    The shawl is beautiful, what a wonderful friend.

  5. Fall is my favorite as well. Today I took my kids to see the farm where my dad grew up. It's a small housing development now. But they saw it and went for walks there when it was still fields and woods, so it brought back nice memories--despite the changes. It was part of our annual pumpkin patch visit.

    I'm sorry for what your family is experiencing now. It's nice you were able to spend some time with your mom.

  6. What a wonderful post, Kristie. It's always heart-breaking, that sense of an innocent shared life disrupted. Your gin rummy score card is a perfect illustration of this.

  7. That is such a heartwarming gift from your friend.