Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Out of Sync

Here's a rundown of what I have accomplished so far this morning:
  • read through my regular collection of news and blogs on the Internet
  • got dinner into the crockpot
  • unloaded the dishwasher
  • walked the dog
  • started a new batch of yogurt
  • had a bath
  • hand washed some dishes
  • walked the dog again
  • gave the dog a bath
  • got the dog's blankets into the washing machine
  • hand washed and blocked my Owl Sweater
  • worked on my Rosetta Stone Chinese course
  • sorted through the library books to see which ones needed to be returned
  • made a "to do" list for my trip to town later this morning
It has been an unusually slow start to the day due to the fact I have managed to catch a cold. I am sure Friday's flight back from Chicago was responsible. Planes are an incubator for germs. Hopefully nobody was carrying Ebola or tuberculosis. 

I think this cold is circling the globe. A Scottish/Canadian friend living in Korea mentioned he is similarly afflicted. Apparently Scotch whiskey is very expensive in Korea, so he is going to make a medicinal toddy out of Soju. Soju is a traditional Korean rice liquor which, in my opinion, is only consumable when combined food. The thought of mixing it with lemon and honey sends shudders down my spine. I think I will stick to the more traditional toddy cure myself.

I forgot to mention that this morning's list of completed tasks all took place before any of the other three occupants of this house got out of bed. I even had to wake the dog up. Honestly, I just don't understand night owls. 


  1. I'm exhausted just reading that!! (But then, I'm not a morning person.) I do wish I could say my morning was that productive so far. But no. It hasn't been. Btw, why did the dog get 2 walks today?

  2. Wow -- I'm productive in the morning but apparently I'm just downright lazy next to you!

    Hope you feel better soon...almost every time I fly I get sick. Like clockwork. Personally that disturbs me.

  3. I have not been so productive...but your list has added a few things to my own "to do's". Thank goodness I don't have a dog!

  4. eeeep hope the cold goes soon! Sounds like a productive morning :) Rosetta Stone Chinese course? Sounds really cool, I'm thinking of doing something similar for French once my gcses are done.

  5. Were you being extra productive, trying to will away the cold?

  6. @Aneta - Keep in mind that I am toast after about 5:00 PM. So what I get done in the morning you would get done later in the day. The dog walks were short ones. The second one was because I knew she would be cold and damp after getting a bath and wouldn't be able to go outside again for quite awhile.

    @Rachel - It bothers me too about getting sick every time I fly. I do everything I can to avoid it, but your are right. It is like clockwork.

    @Maureen - I think you should give dog ownership a try. You never know, you might like it! :-)

    @Jazz - I really like the way Rosetta Stone works. If you are in the market for a foreign language program I highly recommend them! Watch for their specials.

  7. Kristie,

    You had to wake your dog?! I wish I have 10 percent of your energy. I just came back from Japan. Because it's quiet here, I've been sleeping very well day and night. It's hard to go back to normal schedule here. In Japan, the noises there wake me up.