Sunday, December 18, 2011

Family Management And Frugal Luxuries

The holidays are just around the corner. Friday will see the arrival of Karsten and Diana as well as Rebekah and Anton. Which means our house will be filled to overflowing. At the moment that is not the state of our cupboards or fridge, so clearly a trip or five to the grocery store is needed before their arrival.

This year we are doing our annual cook-off on Christmas Day (scroll to the bottom of that link to see last year's cook-off pictures). Instead of cooking in pairs, this year we have divided strictly along gender lines. Each team is supposed to have posted their list of needed ingredients for whatever they have decided to make on our Facebook Hammond Cook-off page before next Tuesday. Failure to deliver by the deadline is punishable by that team having to go buy the ingredients themselves on December 24, as I have made a personal vow not to enter a store after December 22.

We also set up a Facebook page for our annual drawing of names for our gift exchange. I will take credit for this brilliant idea. It was really a matter of self-preservation and sanity maintenance. Every year I pull names out of a hat weeks in advance, only to have people contact me at the last minute asking who they are supposed to get a present for. Hopefully this will be the cure. Of course, it hasn't been without its own set of problems. The first was Diana posting the following on the event page:

"What about Karsten? He doesn't use his Facebook account..."

It was gently pointed out to her that she could just tell him who he got.

The second glitch became apparent with this post from Anita:

" I blind or do I get a lump of coal this year?"

David, the Hammond X-Mas Gift Draw Facebook page designer, apparently left poor Anita off the recipient list. Keep in mind these are all otherwise really bright people. I have a term for this. Low Functioning Genius, which might be the subject of an upcoming blog post in 2012.

For those of you who missed last year's series of posts on a Hammond Christmas that we hope not to repeat this year, here they are.

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 56, and the conclusion.

I am signing off for 2011 with a collection of December Frugal Luxuries.

Birdwatching from my kitchen window
Fresh snow on the trail
Tea and chocolate by the Christmas tree
New socks to wear
New socks to knit
Emily and Jenny enjoying the fire

Merry Christmas!

See you in 2012!


  1. Your post totally gave me the Christmas warm fuzzies. Loved your frugal luxuries! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday together and can't wait to hear about this years' cook off

  2. Very nice pics! Happy Cook Off 2011! Oh, and Merry Christmas! Looking forward to your 2012 blog posts!

  3. Have a wonderful holiday! I'll look forward to hearing the stories....

  4. Your log cabin socks look great! And the tower of yarn looks so familiar...where have I seen that 'cause where ever it was I think I wanted it too.

  5. A really lovely post. Thank you! I am inspired to do my own Frugal Luxeries post.

  6. And a Very Merry Christmas to you too. Enjoy!

  7. Merry Christmas, Hammond family!!! It's a wonderful life. =)

  8. Merry Christmas! Your drawing of names for gift giving sounds great.

  9. I love your cooking contest fun! What a clever idea! Hope to see how it all turns out this year. And your December Frugal Luxuries set is just perfect...those pictures represent the finer things in life no? Have an amazing (and safe) holiday season...I'll be back reading in the new year!

  10. Merry Christmas!

    A cook-off! How fun is that! Love the socks and the colors of the socks to be!

  11. The US news media feels the need to give everything a dumb name these days (stormageddon, snowmageddon, etc.). So naturally the day after Christmas became Mega Monday because of the expected shopping rush. In protest, I started calling it Boxing Day. I'm hoping it will catch on here.

    PS - My wife loves the scarf!!! It's so soft and warm--and not a bit itchy (I tried it out). She said to tell you "thank you". I'm going to include the scarf in a post soon. =)

  12. @Ric - Glad your wife likes the scarf. It needed a home where it would be loved! :-)