Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Birthday Canada! You are looking pretty good for turning 145. I would go do the socially appropriate thing, which in the year 2012 means wishing you a Happy Birthday on Facebook, but when I checked your page you didn't appear to have a wall. Gee, you would think it was 1867 or something.


  1. how cute to celebrate Canada's birthday like this! I hope you had a nice day!


  2. Oh, wow. You went all out. I am feeling very unpatriotic* right now.
    If I come by your house tomorrow will there still be some yummy cookies left?

    *It's a word. I checked.

  3. Belated Happy Canada Day! The cookies look very tasty (and patriotic). I hope to have a new grill to help us properly celebrate the 4th. And I really, really hope I'll get to celebrate having electricity again soon.

    We need a 3-way trade, some of our heat to BC, some of BC's rain to Colorado, and we get back some of Colorado's clear skies.

  4. Belated Happy Canada Day from me too! Did you knit the outfits on the little red guys (whatever they are)? They're cute! ~Kim

  5. Happy Canada Day! Although this does make me feel somewhat sad I don't have anything cool planned for the 4th of July. I'll have to think of something before then...

  6. Happy Canada Day! In 1867, My great grandfather was about 6 years old, and many western nations representatives were in Japan by that year asking for trade. British, French, Dutch, and American, but not Canada. I see why. The nation was just created.