Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Afternoon Stroll

Anton and I went out for lunch on Wednesday. (I think they were worried about me after my episode from the day before.) For those that are wondering, there was a reason why I didn't buy something to eat when I was in the market yesterday. Normally I would have happily eaten some of the street food. I have eaten from street markets in China, and I ate street food when I was here two years ago. The problem is I am now eating gluten-free and while it is very easy to work around that in restaurants, it isn't so straightforward when buying from street vendors. Much of what they are selling is battered and deep-fried. And I love the Korean pancakes, but sadly they have flour mixed into the batter.

We went to a soft tofu soup restaurant for lunch. This was a first for me, and I definitely want to go back again before I go home. Like every Korean restaurant, the minute we sat down numerous side dishes were placed in front of us. I ordered the kimchee soup, and when it came to the table it was boiling madly away in the bowl.

Along with the side dishes was a bowl of raw eggs. You crack the egg Into your soup, which is so hot it cooks it up in no time.

When you get to the bottom of your rice bowl you pour hot water from the pitcher into the bowl and stir up the bits that are stuck so you can eat them with your spoon. Waste not, want not.

After lunch I went for a long walk along the river path, accompanied by music most of the way. These poles lining the path had classical music playing out of their speakers!

Better yet was this gentleman, enthusiastically playing the drums for every walker and biker who passed by. I was a little nervous about taking his picture, but it turned out he was a true entertainer. When he saw me approach he put on quite the show!

I spent quite awhile watching these guys fishing, but never did see them catch anything. It reminded me of Kellen and Alexandra.

My favourite part of the walk was when I came across this group of school kids at the roller blading rink. They looked very happy to be out of the classroom for the afternoon.

Today's random collage.

Top left to right clockwise: Many electrical wires are still above ground; the decorative door on the elevator at my love motel; baked "peeps"; gardens are tucked into any spare piece of land

And just in case anyone is keeping track, yesterday's gelato flavour was espresso.


  1. BAKED PEEPS??? That's genius! And the elevator door of your love motel made me laugh out loud. Oh you poor thing. :)

    They don't serve bowls of eggs at my neighborhood Korean restaurant -- I'm going to ask them for one next time, because that looks amazing. So glad you're having such a great time.

  2. lol at the elevator door!! Glad you found some food today :)

  3. looks like a very substantial lunch