Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How a Korean Thinks

Anton's Korean friend drew him a diagram the other day to show him why Anton should be staying at the love motel and letting me stay with Rebekah at their apartment. I laughed when Anton showed it to me, so have copied it out for you using the Skitch app on my iPad. It is a great illustration of how a Korean thinks verses a Westerner.

The idea is that Rebekah has lots of time left to spend with Anton, but not so much with her mom. It doesn't get any blunter than that!

On my way down to the river yesterday I saw a couple of interesting things. The first was as I went to cross a street. Those are slices of some kind of squash, set out in the sun to dry. What I find interesting is how people take random spaces on the sidewalk or medians to put out their peppers and other vegetables to dry. They don't seem to be worried that anyone will take them, and assume everyone will step around them as they walk by. You could never do this at home.

It is also very common to hear a truck vendor using a loudspeaker to advertise whatever he is selling as he slowly drives through the streets. He will park in one spot for a little while, then move on. This garlic truck was popular, which isn't a surprise given how much garlic Koreans consume!

I decided to focus today's random collage on some of the street food commonly found in the markets. It will give you an idea of why I am staying away from it. As delicious as it all looks, I am pretty sure it's not gluten-free!

Last night's dinner was another special one. Rebekah wanted to make a Korean style meal for me while I was here. I felt sort of bad since it meant she had to hurry home from work, go buy the ingredients, then put it all together. The mom in me wanted to tell her to sit down and let me do the cooking, never mind the fact I know absolutely nothing about how to cook Korean food.

She made a wonderful soft tofu miso soup, pan fried and seasoned tofu slices, mixed rice, and seven side dishes. It was wonderful! As much fun as it has been to eat out at so many different places, I have to say there is just something about a home-cooked meal that is so much better than food eaten in a restaurant. I did find it sort of funny that they had to buy extra utensils and another bowl so there would be enough for everyone. They live a very minimalist life!

Our evening ended with Anton going to the nearby Baskin Robbins to get some take-out ice cream. They put a small chunk of dry ice in the bag so the ice cream doesn't melt on the way home, which pretty much made this my best ice cream eating experience ever!

Now I am headed out the door, Korean ibuprofen packed into my bag, ready for another day of adventures.

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  1. Haha, I had that same thought about you and Anton switching places, but for a completely different reason.

    Rebekah's meal looks wonderful. But I'm not surprised, I remember teasing her about making even oatmeal look interesting (I don't like oatmeal). :)

    PS - It's a shame you couldn't try whatever that was on a stick.