Friday, September 14, 2012

Mystery Solved?

I knew from being here two years ago that Korea is not a knitting nation. I don't mean there aren't any knitters here. There are. I even found a knitting shop at one of the side market streets.

But there doesn't seem to be the same history of knitting you find in so many other countries around the world. If anyone has some further information about this I would love to hear about it! Anyway, yesterday Anton and I went to the National Folk Museum of Korea. When I saw the display with the socks that were worn in earlier times I had a light bulb moment. The socks they wore were cut using templates and the fabric was then sewn together. Is it possible that wearing sewn socks instead of knitted ones was what kept knitting from taking hold here in Korea?

The thing I enjoyed the most about the museum was watching the groups of school kids. Note the boy in the upper left photo. They were waiting to get on the train, and were supposed to hold each others backpacks as they boarded. He just couldn't resist the pigtails of the little girl in front of him. And the bottom group was hilarious. I thought of them as "kids on a rope." Their poor teacher spent most of her time trying to get them to hold on.

Last night's dinner was Uyghur lamb kebabs. I thought of Diana while I was eating them. They are one of her favourite foods! After cooking them over the charcoal fire you roll them in the spices on your plate. They are so, so good! I want to go back once more before I leave.

It was quite the day. It started out with the Moonies, Anton and I got interviewed for a television program, and it ended with me in a Korean bar filled with twenty something ex-pats. No blog post tomorrow. We are headed to Andong for the weekend. Here's yesterday's random collage.

Top left to right clockwise: Flower stall; emergency equipment at the train station in case the North Koreans attack; rain gear; the National Folk Museum of Korea

How crazy is it that I haven't knit a single stitch while I have been here, but am still packing a sock project in my overnight pack to take to Andong?


  1. The kabobs are making me feel decidedly carnivorous. :) I'm enjoying being a computer screen tourist. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I too am enjoying 'our' Korean trip. Enjoy your weekend

  3. Typically knitter, always prepared! There's a lot you can do with sticks and string should the need arise ;)

    Have a lovely weekend Kristie :D