Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nooks and Crannies

Monday and Tuesday I have spent a fair amount of time exploring the side streets of Guri. They are lined with markets selling food, clothes, shoes, skin care products, kitchen supplies and more. Lots, lots more...

Top left to right clockwise: kimchee; fresh vegetables; dried fish; eggs; chicken feet; rice sweets

The pepper vendor was fascinating. I wondered how she kept from spending the day sneezing as she ground the peppercorns in that stone.

Some of the fruits and vegetables are the same as we have in Canada. Others are unique to Asia. Here is my very favourite. These are sesame leaves. Not only are they beautiful, they are also yummy. They are often served with Korean BBQ. You put some of the meat along with some onions on top, then roll it up and eat it. I love Korean food, and this is the dish I love the very most. I will try to remember to get some pictures of this the next time we have it.

I learned a lesson the hard way yesterday. As you might have picked up by now, I love food. The thing is I not only love to eat, I need to eat. Probably more than the average person. I have a metabolism that seems to need more calories than most people, which is normally a good thing. The down side is if I don't eat enough I can start to feel pretty awful. Well, remember my declaration yesterday that I was going to try a new flavour of gelato every day?


It was a great plan, except for this little cup of gelato is all I ended up eating for lunch yesterday. Coupled with the fact my breakfast consisted of a small fruit and nut bar, by the time mid-afternoon rolled around I was feeling seriously bad. I was walking around the market, surrounded by food, too intimidated to buy anything, and feeling like I might pass out. Which explains why when Rebekah, Anton and I went out for dinner we managed to wipe a out a whole duck between the three of us.

The duck was cooked over a wood-burning rotisserie, and the smells wafting out as the birds turned on that spit defy description. The duck was brought to our table, where we continued to cook it for a bit over a charcoal grill before devouring it. It was indescribably delicious!

I am really appreciating all the comments left here and on my Facebook page. While I am in Korea it is proving too difficult to respond to them individually, but I want you to know I am reading and enjoying each one. Now it is time to go buy my gelato of day, which is going to followed up by meeting Anton for lunch (I have learned my lesson!). I'll sign off with today's random collage.

Top left to right: these wreaths are seen decorating new businesses; pantyhose seem more popular here than in Canada; the GS 25 stores are the most common mini-marts; there is no shortage of socks in Korea - every street seems to have a vendor selling them


  1. That's a little scary, I'm glad you're having a proper lunch today. It would be amazing to have a wood-burning rotisserie. I've never had duck cooked that way, but you've set my imagination spinning.

  2. Everything looks wonderfully delicious, although I might draw the line at chicken feet. Maybe in soup... So glad you're having a great time with Rebekah and Anton!

  3. The pictures of the open-air markets (and all the stockings) remind me of China. From there it's just a small step to speculating how delicious the roast duck must have been, if it was anything like the ones I've had! Glad that you're still enjoying your stay and willing to let us vicariously share your experiences.

  4. I've had those sesame leaves, my Korean friend (the one living there now) grew them here and we ate them with rice and pork. She also substituted regular leaf lettuce often.

    Thank you so much for taking us along on your adventures!

    What is Anton doing there, while Rebekah is teaching?

  5. yum yum I love the roast duck. Pluck up courage and try the street food, why go hungry

  6. I'm loving all of the food descriptions! Being introduced to new foods is one of the main reasons I get excited to travel. The sesame leaves sound delicious - we may need to see if it can grow here!

    Erin B

  7. Totally jealous of the gelato and duck! Don't you starve yourself again, get a double gelato!!

  8. especially keep writing about the food! we love korean food too, and we love markets and we love wandering about so your posts are right up my alley. i'm so glad you're having such a good time, and able to post about it!

  9. I'm like you - I have to eat! When we are on vacation, this sometimes is a problem......because it just isn't convenient sometimes or I forget.....so yes, EAT! Take care of yourself!

  10. Hey, bring me one of those foot forms I need it for my craft show display of my slippers!!!!!

    Glad you learned the hard way to make sure you take care of yourself!

  11. Oh man, I get behind on my blog reading and I come back to see you in Korea! How awesome! I've just skimmed the last several posts and am so impressed by how well you're documenting your trip in photos. (Maybe I'll try to do that while I'm at the Grand Canyon next week...stay tuned.)

    As soon as I read "love motel", I knew what you were in for. I was very familiar with the concept from my years living in Tokyo. Oh well, I hope the bed is comfortable, at least. ;-) Glad you're being so adventurous and getting to show us so much of the country. The mountain hike scenery was gorgeous!