Monday, September 17, 2012

Stir Crazy

Typhoon Sanba has come and gone, and I have to admit It was a disappointment. The storm pounded the bottom part of the Korean peninsula, but veered east before getting to Guri. This meant we missed the drama of high winds and were left with just the buckets of rain that came with the storm. Most of my day was spent in my motel room, a place completely devoid of personality. I read, knit, and spent time on the Internet.

By mid-afternoon I was going nuts. I don't handle inactivity very well and had to get out, rain or no rain. I decided to grab my iPhone and go take some photos. (I was worried my camera would get wrecked, so sorry if the quality of some of the pictures isn't the best.) Rain was washing down the streets in waves. My umbrella was basically useless. There was no way to stay dry. Within minutes the bottom of my pants were soaked, as were my shoes and socks. But faced with the choice of being wet or sitting in the motel room for the rest of the afternoon, I kept going. I think my favourite moment was when I saw a lady out shoveling rain from the front of her business. Yes, shoveling! It was a shift in thinking for this Canadian to realize that people shovel something besides snow.

The usually crowded and colourful market streets looked sad and empty. The few displays that were set up were covered in plastic. The fish stall was an exception.

I have to confess that after posting about Anton pulling a muscle when we played badminton that I have got my just rewards. Something rather bad happened to the back of my leg on the hike with Rebekah on Sunday. I know the exact moment I injured it, but at the time didn't pay very much attention. It just felt like a twinge. By yesterday afternoon it had gone from a twinge to an ache, probably helped along by all that sitting and inactivity. With Anton's help I found a pharmacy and bought what I am really hoping is ibuprofen. Here is The Moment.

It was still pouring last night when the three of us went out for dinner. It was really gross putting back on my wet socks and shoes, but it would have been futile to pull out dry ones. We went to a restaurant that serves pork dishes. I am not a huge pork fan, but after this meal I might reconsider. We had Daejikalbijjim - a spicy pork stew. The huge bowl of bubbling stew is brought to your table and placed over a burner. The waitress then cuts the meat off the bones for you (sorry the picture is a bit blurry, but she was so quick I barely had time to snap a photo!), and while the stew is simmering you put loads of mung bean sprouts in to cook. You could choose how spicy you wanted it, and I am glad we picked the mildest version. I can't imagine how hot the spicier versions must have been! I definitely recommend this dish!

Today's random collage:

Top left to right: garbage collection day; placemat with outlines for a spoon and chopsticks; little wayside libraries like this are sprinkled all over; one of many beautiful mushrooms in the forest

Now I am going to go take another mystery pill. Anton and I have a big hike planned for tomorrow, and I want to be ready. Maybe I better give him one of the pills too.


  1. WAYSIDE LIBRARIES?! Now that's a cool idea. I hope the rains are gone for your big hike, and I really hope that was ibuprofen. :)

  2. I have never before thought of Korea as a foodies paradise, but you've convinced me! Hope the leg's better :D