Friday, November 30, 2012

Whew! I Made It!

Thirty days hath September, April, June and, thankfully, November. As much as I have enjoyed the challenge of blogging every day, I have to admit to feeling a sense of panic leading up to each blog post. For thirty days straight I have worried that one morning I would wake up and have absolutely nothing to write about. Which is why I am thankful November has thirty days instead of thirty-one. I'm quite sure when I get up tomorrow my mind will be empty, but it won't matter because it will be December.

Here's a quick update of some of the things I have written about this past month. First up are the knitting related items.

I finished my Woolly Wormhead Mystery Knitalong project, and it is lovely. It has been cold enough that I was able to wear my rediscovered sweater on a walk. It washed and blocked up very nicely! But it hasn't been cold enough yet for Jenny to wear her new hat. She's delighted by that fact. I got lots of great suggestions for British TV shows and movies to watch while knitting. I just finished watching Life On Mars and look forward to trying some of the other suggestions. I'm still waiting for my new knitting book, Knit Your Own Scotland to arrive. The burning question I have is, will it or won't it have a pattern for haggis?

There are also non-knitting updates.

After reading through the comments on my post about the high cost of veterinary care, Jay and I decided to get pet insurance for Fergus and Jenny. I knew it was the right thing as soon as I did it simply because I was able to stop worrying about the "what ifs."

The Gym. Well, this is a good news, bad news scenario. The good news is Mr. Strut has stopped coming. I overheard him say he was training for a competition, and that must be over with. The bad news is Mr. Rip's shorts now have a tear down the other side.

Now for my favourite update. After writing the post about my grandpa and his brother Hans I got a Facebook message from my cousin Missy. Hans was Missy's grandpa. Since she was only five years old when he died she didn't know him very well. She told me how much she enjoyed reading about him, and then told me it explained her love of harmonicas. She owns three! I think that is awesome.

This brings me to the final thing I wanted to say about this past month of blogging. The thing that has made it worthwhile has been the interaction with all of you who read my blog. The comments here and on Facebook, along with the encouraging emails I have received, have turned something that could have been a chore into a great experience. I would like to say thank you to all of you, and what better way to do that than to have a giveaway? If you leave a comment here or on Facebook saying you are interested I will throw your name in a hat (probably Jenny's since she isn't wearing it yet) and draw a name out December 4. The contest is open until December 3, 6:00 PM PST. If you are leaving a comment here but don't have an account to sign in under, that's okay. The comment will be labelled anonymous, but you can just leave your name at the end of your comment to identify yourself.

Here's the prize. No, they are not handknit. These might be even better than handknit, if such a thing is possible. These are Korean socks, purchased from a cart at the market in Guri, South Korea, waiting to be gifted to one of you. They look a little bit small in the picture, but trust me. They are very stretchy and will fit a woman's foot.

These are colourful enough to make even the longest winter day seem a little bit brighter. Better yet, did you notice two of the pairs have ears?


  1. I so enjoy reading your are a talented writer. I will miss seeing you pop up on my facebook everyday so I hope you won't go too many days between posts. The socks are awesome and I love love the ears...

  2. Okay, those socks will draw out the most reluctant poster. They are amazing. So I am putting my name in the draw!!!! Cindy

  3. I was going to send you a comment anyway today, to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past month. (and before!) You must commended, applauded, congratulated, for getting to the end of the month. Your pictures are always great and I loved all the updates.

  4. You soared through NaBloPoMo!! Congrats a stellar performance! Yes I would like to win a pair socks!:)

  5. Those socks are awesome. I love the cow. You are very generous to give away your Korea socks.

  6. Reading the posts has been a pleasure--which made commenting easy. "...turned something that could have been a chore into a great experience." Just yesterday I said something similar in response to someone saying relationships are hard work. I used to agree when hearing that, then decided it's better to say we make an effort, but it's not work.

  7. Cow socks!! Look, look cow socks!! They are adorable and well done on all your November posts :)

  8. I didn't even realize you had a challenge to blog every day in November, but I've really enjoyed seeing a post pop up every day. So nice to have a blogger somewhat closer geographically than most (I'm in the South Okanagan). Cute socks!

  9. I'm glad that you made the decision to get pet insurance. I find it a relief to not worry about the what-if's as well.
    I also agree that it's nice to see and respond to comments. Even though we may post for ourselves it's nice to know that other people read & enjoy what we have to say.
    The cows socks look awesome, I'd love to have my name thrown into the mix!

  10. I couldn't keep up with your daily posts but am quite impressed that you made it all the way through!! So sorry to hear that Mr Rip has another one...just try to keep your eyes averted!

  11. The prize socks are very cute!
    Toronto needs a peppy Winter wake-up! Please put my name in the draw.
    Reading your November daily "edition"was such fun keeping up with you; and now you can take it easy---during the holiday rush! Good luck!