Friday, February 15, 2013

Fergus Friday, February 15, 2013

This Fergus Friday update is much the same as previous ones. Fergus continues to torment Emily at every opportunity.

He continues to be a busybody. In addition to watching what is going on in the neighbourhood, he also feels a need to be a part of every activity inside our house. There was no way he was going to be left out of the Crokinole game!

Fergus's love affair with Anita continues unabated. While Anita was making my birthday dinner this week Fergus sat at her feet watching her every move.

Fergus and Jenny are still best friends. Here they are, on one of the rare sunny days we have had this winter, taking advantage of every square inch of sunlit carpet.

I'm sorry to report that Fergus's drug problem has surfaced once again. This past Sunday Jay and I took a day trip to go look at a potential place we might want to move to. Kellen was going to be doing some painting in our house while we were away and very kindly agreed to dog sit. David was going to be home for most of the day as well, so between the two of them we figured we had the dog care thing covered.

Well. As I was slowing down to turn into the area we were looking at, my cell phone rang. It was Kellen, and he was in a panic. I could hear the dogs barking and David yelling in the background. Somehow - I'm still not exactly clear on the details - Fergus got a hold of Emily's bottle of thyroid medicine. When David came upstairs he discovered Fergus in his crate, surrounded by bits of plastic bottle and little white pills.

As I pulled in behind the realtor I was still on the phone trying to sort things out. Luckily Jay knew how many pills Emily had left, and once David and Kellen gathered up all the pills Fergus had licked and scattered on the floor only one pill was unaccounted for. This was fortuitous, since I have had to phone the vet once before when Fergus had snacked on one of Emily's pills. I knew he was in no danger from having a single pill. As if house hunting wasn't stressful enough!

Fergus still doesn't understand what all the fuss was about...


  1. Oh, Fergus. Keeping everyone on their toes. What a stinker! He's so adorable, I bet even Emily secretly loves him. :-D

  2. I'm so glad Fergus only ate one pill. I guess pharmacies need to come up with doggie-proof bottles for your household! What a cutie he is though.

    He reminds me of our youngest cat, Dexter. Lately Dexy has taken to sitting in the foyer with a toy in the middle of the night, wailing loudly until somebody (me) gets up to play with him. If he wasn't so darn cute he couldn't get away with that. (Well, honestly, yes he could, but still....) ~Kim

  3. Well, of course - if it comes in a rattly pill bottle, it must be good!

    So far we've had to call the veterinary hotline twice in the middle of the night: once when Rudy consumed a whole bottleful of Dasuquin joint supplements and once when he ate a bottleful of Tums. Fortunately, neither ingestion was harmful, except to our pocketbook. Unlike the poison control center for humans, one has to pay for veterinary poison control advice.
    -- stashdragon

  4. He looks far too angelic to be as naughty as you describe ... but don't worry, I have a few like that here ... they'd like me to think they're four pawed angels, but I know better!

  5. He's showing an interest in drugs and he's not even a teenager!?! For shame, Fergus. (But you sure are adorable, you little juvie!)

  6. Naughty Fergus.....I'm glad he is okay. Good luck house hunting!

  7. Fergus: Why does Emily get special treats from that bottle? I should get them too! Now's my chance...

    I'm glad he's okay. It's interesting that dogs will eat pretty much anything (including poison, aluminum pie plates, shoes, etc.), but cats are a little more selective.

  8. Oh golly, he sounds worse than a toddler! Good luck with the house hunting, exciting!

  9. I guess you don't have to worry about wrapping pills in cheese when he needs to take them? I wrapped a pill in cheese for my terrier, but she thought it was a treat anyway, so it was largely unnecessary. I mostly just liked to pretend she was a normal dog.

  10. HI kirstie,
    I am a bit behind with reading friends posts but this one so made me smile! The expressions and mannerisms are so like my westie too! We played Monopoly at Christmas and Daisy had to join into! Luckily and she is older and hopefully wiser she hasn't stolen any drugs thank goodness that Fergus wasn't impressed with the pills.
    Sarah x

  11. I'm glad that the pill-eating incident wasn't worse than it was. Come on Fergus?? Can't you get your 'high' just from life? Hey -- you are showing your house!! I hate to think of how stressful that may be but at least you are getting interested folks!