Friday, September 20, 2013

Speed Tour

Wednesday morning we reluctantly said goodbye to Melissa, and carried on part two of our adventure with my English friends, John and Gill. We had a "wizard time" (more on that in a minute) speeding around Northern Wales, taking in the sites.

We stopped in a small town to take in market day.

Better even than the market was the Aga store! Gill and I jokingly said we were going to open up our own B&B and put an Aga in the kitchen.

We journeyed on to Portmeirion, a very colourful and unique town pieced together by a rather eccentric man.

Thursday morning we were up bright and early. I wish I could say the same about the sun. It was pouring rain. I don't mean misting, or spitting, or even drizzling. It was a deluge. Of course, this didn't stop us or even slow us down. We were determined to go on one of the small gauge trains Wales is famous for.

We weren't bothered by the weather at the next stop, which was a tour of a slate mine. We were underground for most of it, and by the time we emerged again the sun had made an appearance. Wales, you never cease to amaze me with what you can do with the weather in a single day!

We were very happy to see the sun, since our next destination was Mount Snowdon in Snowdonia National Park. Unfortunately the wind had once again picked up, and the train that takes you to the top of the mountain was shut down because of it. Never mind, the drive through the mountains was beautiful even if we didn't make it to the top.


We visited Caernarfon.

We made a very brief stop in Conwy. Wales has no shortage of castles.

It was a great two days, and we never would have been able to pack in so much if it hadn't been for John's excellent driving skills. (I can tell he watches a lot of Formula One!) The wizard comment at the beginning of the post is something we have laughed about the whole trip. It is an expression Chummy uses on Call the Midwife, and I have been using it liberally. It turns out however that it is a bit dated, and is sort of like saying something is "groovy." Ha!

Now we are sitting at the airport in Manchester waiting to board our flight for part three of our adventure. Shetland, here we come!



  1. Ruth in Ontario, CanadaSeptember 20, 2013 at 9:39 AM

    So, did you find out if you could order an Aga to be delivered in B.C.?? Ha ha. Hope you didn't drool on the floor models too much! Isn't Portmeirion fun? Have you ever seen the old TV series "The Prisoner"? It was filmed there. Must go now and take my bread out of my Aga...

  2. I know there is an Aga store in downtown Toronto. I have never checked it out though.
    Thanks for the great photos!
    Enjoy the Shetlands!

  3. you are certainly packing plenty into your trip, I've not spotted any yarn purchases yet, are you saving it for Shetland?

  4. That looks a great whistle top visit to North Wales. We have spent many happy holidays visiting the places you saw. Hope you find some sunshine in Shetland!
    Sarah x

  5. I recognize that town in Wales. It's Machynlleth! Such a lovely place......very fond memories.

  6. You obviously had a great tour judging by your photos. Machynlleth is only about 20 miles from us as the crow flies, so you passed through my home territory. :-)North Wales has the most stunning scenery and castles and it sounds like you saw a lot in a short time.

    PS Wizard is VERY dated slang. It probably hasn't been in common use since the 1950s. :-)

  7. Lots of amazing pictures, but I especially like the clock tower and the train. I thought a coal mine would be your first trip underground--I forgot about the slate!

    It's nice to see you back in civilized conditions. :)