Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Unst Bound

Here I am for a final guest blog. Hope you enjoy! Kath

The inter ferry system on Shetland makes island hopping a Shetland breeze! We easily travelled from the Mainland to the island of Yell and then to the northern most Island in Britain, Unst.

Experiences along the way included crab catches, ancient Viking life, lovely Shetland lace, and island hospitality at its best!

One of the strangest island customs seems to be decorating a bus stop. This season finds it with a wool theme. The locals dress it up for travellers to enjoy while waiting for the next island bus. Jean added some stitches to the community knitting bin and Kath looked at pictures of previous themes. Kristie snapped pictures for all of you!

Peerie Shetland ponies and sheep dot the lush hillsides and skinny roadways. More than once while driving the single track roads we missed the unassuming cud chewing sheep by inches. We wondered how often they ended up as mutton on the farmer's table that night because of road kill.

After a full day of island hopping, we rushed to the last ferry and made it on by a Scot's whisker. We motored home on the now familiar Shetland roads to our home away from home, Burrastow House. Waiting for us the last couple of nights has been a feast of Shetland culinary delights. The smells of peat burning in the fireplace called us down each evening to the sitting room for a nice drink before dinner. And then into the lovely dining room we proceeded for such foods as seafood soup, braised lamb, buttered skate, cinnamon and garlic summer squash, roasted turnips, scalloped potatoes, potatoes with their jackets on, pickled cabbage, garlic buttered herring, steamed celery, garden salad, chocolate mousse, and homemade vanilla ice-cream with fruit. Two nights of this fare & we were quite spoiled for months.

This was the end of a contented day 2 in Shetland.



  1. Love the bus stop, what a great idea. And that dinner looks amazing, so pleased you are having a good time

  2. It all looks wonderful. We have very happy memories of staying on Unst at what was actually the laird's house. The weather was much worse than you have been having though.

  3. I just love the bus stop and it looks so cosy too.
    Patricia x

  4. What an amazing bus stop! I enjoyed Kath's guest blog. too You have seen so many different things over the past few weeks., it will feel strange going back home!
    Sarah x

  5. What a lovely place is Shetland, and I just love the décor of the bus stop. One would not want to leave it and hop on the bus! The food is mouth-watering, I'd feel spoilt too.

  6. I hate to think what would happen to that bus stop here in DC. I wish we were that civilized.

  7. What a wonderful time you've had. I too love the bus stop and would have to be forcible put onto the bus. :-) As for the food, haute cuisine in the far north seems just right somehow.

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