Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We've Been To Bath

It has been a terrific day. We didn't get lost. We didn't get in an accident. And I have been told by Prince Charles that he is enormously grateful for my support.

We started off the day in Bath. The Roman ruins there are a "must see" if you are in the Cotswolds.

After the Roman Baths we wandered around the city for a bit. We didn't have too long, because we still had one more destination to reach on this, our last day in the Cotswolds.

The owners of the B&B we are staying in highly recommended we got to a town called Tetbury. They said it was filled with some very nice antique shops. We encountered treasures like this couch and chair.

The yuck factor was pretty high. We didn't want to get near them, never mind buy them. Unbelievably they cost hundreds of pounds! Then there was the shop that had a room full of rather strange animals. All dead. There was this fox.

And this one.

The most disturbing item was tucked away behind the fox with the binoculars. I think he was hidden away so he wouldn't give small children nightmares. Peter Rabbit seems to have found a new way to deal with Mr. MacGregor.

Next we went to the Highgrove Shop in Tetbury. The proceeds of these shops go to support the Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation. I bought an organic cider and some Damson jelly. The cider will help take the edge off the long journey to Wales tomorrow. The jelly will be consumed when I get home. I'm not even sure what Damson jelly is, but I really liked the container it came in. I turned to Kath and said, "I think I'll buy some Damson jelly." Kath thought I had said "I think I'll buy some damn jelly." The look on her face was priceless.

Prince Charles thanked me. It would have been way more meaningful if he had shown up in person to express his gratitude. After all, he lives just a few miles down the road.

We finished off our outing to Tetbury with coffees and tea in front of a place called The Blue Zucchini. We loved the fact they had wool blankets set out to keep us warm.

We especially loved how they called them rugs instead of blankets.

Tomorrow we head to Wales. It will take about five hours to get there on the train. There won't be any Internet connection for our first two nights there, so I'll be taking a short blog break. I should be back at the end of day three of our walk. Unless we get lost.



  1. When you visit The UK next time you should investigate there are quite a few discounts for travellers from outside the UK but note you can only book and see the prices if you are not in the UK. Most travellers I meet on the trains from USA, Canada and elsewhere have Britrail passes and the upgrade to first class is not that much then! Enjoy the train rides tomorrow.

  2. I have to admit, the taxidermied (is that a word?) animals made me giggle, especially the fox with the binoculars! The furniture looks a little sketchy though.

  3. They should make those baths functional again. I'd totally go.
    As for the taxidermy place, I think Bugs Bunny finally pulled a fast one on Elmer Fudd.
    I laughed at the 'Damn Jelly.'

  4. You didn't try the "waters" in Bath did you? I'm sure you would have mentioned it. Damsons are small plums and make yummy preserves. Enjoy Wales, lets hope the weather improves for you

  5. Ooh, great sights to investigate in the Cotswolds (and bringing back some memories for me). Isn't Tetbury an interesting place? So olde worlde, and those animals are quite incredible. Who buys these things?? I've never had damson jelly; you must tell us how it tastes. And as for the cider, well, enjoy the drive!! have fun xx

  6. Charles definitely should have thanked you personally..... :)

  7. I met my husband in Bath! In fact I was born just down the road in Bristol. So glad you had a good time there. And those stuffed animals actually made me laugh out loud, which is probably very un pc of me! Us Brits and our quirky sense of humour, eh?!

    Have a lovely time in Wales. Beautiful country.

    Leanne xx

  8. LOVE the stuffed animals! As Leanne says it's the British sense of humour.

    Welsh hedgerows are often full of damsons growing wild ... they look like plums but are smaller and purpler.

    Have fun walking :)

  9. The furniture is definitely sketchy. I love the idea, though; it's kind of hilarious to think of Peter Rabbit in a new, aggressive way. I think Damson jelly is made from plums? I've never tried it myself, though. Glad you're enjoying yourself. :)

  10. Reading you past few blog entries has made being on hold with the IRS almost fun! :)

  11. oooh.. have a good time in Wales :) looking forward to seeing where you visit!

  12. That looks like another fantastic day out! Hope you have an equally fantastic time in Wales, hopefully you haven't got as much rain as we have!
    Sarah x

  13. so glad to see you are having a good time in the UK and I see your photos have some blue sky in it.... are you sure you are really in the UK?? havent seen blue sky for day.....

  14. Oh, the idiosyncrasies of British English..... A blanket on a bed is a blanket, over your knee it's a rug and over the back of a chair or sofa it's a throw. :-) Damsons make the most wonderful jam and jelly, with a very dark, intense colour and flavour.

    Enjoy your visit to Wales and I do hope the sun comes out for you.

  15. Bath certainly is a wonderful city to visit. I just love it there. I've never been to Highgrove but it's on my list of places to go to. Enjoy Wales and look forward to hearing all about it.
    Patricia x

  16. lol, my last name means "hare" in one German dialect or another. I'm going to adopt the image of that rabbit for the family Coat of Arms. :)

    I'm glad you were able to clear up the miscommunication over the jelly. I've had that happen with friends and it worries me they never say anything--just give you that look. I've asked them to please follow-up when they think I've said something completely out of character--because either they mis-heard me or something serious is going's important to find which it is!

    The Roman Baths are beautiful (I suspect I'll be writing that a lot in comments on your trip posts) and I like how thoughtful the shop people were to provide rugs for their customers.