Friday, October 25, 2013

Fog, Fall and UFOs

Our area has had two weeks of almost perfect fall weather. The mornings are crisp, and the sky is blue. However, that blue often doesn't appear until later in the morning, and for some parts of the Lower Mainland it hasn't shown up at all, due to the fog that moves in each night. As I was driving up the lake earlier this week the most incredible scene unfolded. It looked like someone had thrown a huge eiderdown duvet over the water, carefully tucking in the edges so not a drop could be seen. Above the blanket of fog was sunshine and a perfectly blue sky.

By the time I found a safe place to park the fog was already starting to lift.

I pulled over again a little bit farther up the lake, hoping to get a better shot. I got totally side-tracked when I looked over at the provincial campground and saw this amazing sight.

It was like nature was having a picnic, and every leaf in the park had been invited.

I don't think the fall colours are going to be with us for much longer. It isn't just the campground that is covered in leaves. The forest paths are so thick with leaves it makes it hard to see where the rocks and tree roots are. I've tripped more than once! I love hearing the sound the leaves make as I walk through them.

There are still a few trees that haven't quite reached their peak, like this one in our backyard. You can see the morning fog in the distance, completely hiding the mountain behind.

Tomorrow we are having guests. My brother and his wife are flying out to Spokane from Chicago, picking up my mom, then driving up here to spend a few days. Kellen, Anita, Alexandra and David will all be dropping in at various points to see their grandma and aunt and uncle. We also had guests for lunch yesterday. My knitting friend Maureen and her husband Ron were on their way back to Kamloops from Vancouver, so stopped by to see our new home. It was wonderful to see them. I must say though, all this activity is making me wonder if I shouldn't just go ahead and open up a B&B.

For those of you who are knitters, it's been so long since I had a knitting post you must be wondering if I have given up my hobby. The problem is this. I haven't had any finished projects to blog about. But I do have several UFOs (UnFinished Objects for those of you who don't speak knitterese) that I'm working on. You might detect a theme.

Next week I hope to be able to blog about a huge project that has finally been moved from UFO status to being completed. Yes, the book. It's printed, the publisher has received their shipment, and copies are on their way to me as I write this post. I think I might faint.


  1. My copy is being shipped today! I'm so excited! What a milestone for you :)

  2. Your photos are so pretty, Kristie. I love the way the clouds move around the mountain near me, it's different all the time on a stormy day. Today is like this and I have been sitting on the couch watching it change over the day. Sometimes it's different from minute to minute. That tree in your backyard is going to be glorious if that's not even the peak color yet! Wow. Have a wonderful time with your family; it sounds like you have a busy, fun weekend planned.

  3. Wow that's a fantastic picture of the fog above the water and the picnic table. I hope you have a great weekend with all your visitors. I bet you can't wait until the copies of your book arrive!
    Sarah x

  4. Great pictures Kristie! You live in a beautiful area. I like the sounds of walking through leaves too, but the hidden dangers aren't so good...and the leaves themselves get slippery. My oarent's house was surrounded by huge oak trees and there was a good assortment of other trees as well. I loved the smell of the leaves in the fall. I loved them a little less when it was time to rake and haul them away. But I'm glad we had them, it's a nice memory. I could be creating new memories now, but for some reason I cut down all the trees in my yard the first year we lived in this house. :)

    I've been wondering when the book would be ready. I don't think I've gotten a notice yet from the publishing house, but it should be coming soon. Very exciting!!!

  5. I can't imagine how cool it is to be published! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family and enjoy fall while it lasts!

  6. I ordered my book a couple of days ago. So excited for you! And you picked a beautiful place to live. I approve.

  7. The leaves have been my favourite part of this stretch of dry weather! Usually by now they are just a sodden mass on the edge of the roads or ground into the trails, but they are so light and dry now that you can kick them and crunch them - so amazingly soul satisfying!!!

  8. Congratulations on being an almost-published author! You must be so excited. Love your Autumn pictures, the first is quite beautiful, unusual, and the colours are so crisp. Also the leaves having a picnic - so pretty. The delights of swishing through the leaves is not something we have here, because of the ever-present chance of a snake hiding there. I treat fallen leaves with caution!

  9. PS Can not wait to see the finished book!!! It's been quite a journey :)

  10. It's so gorgeous over in your part of the world. When I lived in Vancouver I was constantly saying "oh wow, oh wow" at everything, especially in the Fall - the trees, the woods, the lakes, the mountains, everything :-) Is that a current Fair Isle obsession there? Looks great. Congrats on the book, that has come around quick, faint away! Enjoy your weekend with all your family and friends, sounds lovely. Mel xxx

  11. Truly, you live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. All that AND a book published! Yay!

    Oh, and should you begin taking reservations, book me in next year mid-October... ;-)

  12. Fair isleeeeeee, yayyyy (You can hear me jumping up and down?? LOOOVe fair isle).
    And the same action (jumping up and down) for the book... now the question is how can I get hold of it...

  13. I can hardly wait to read my signed copy!!! Such a long journey and finally the ribbon.

    Congrats to you sister! Now I can say that I have a published author in my family...


  14. Those photos are spectacular, Kristie and I envy you your vibrant fall colours. It's been a fairly dull autumn over here. :-( Congratulations on the book - so exciting for you.

    Enjoy your visitors and I love your knitting tasters.....