Monday, November 25, 2013

Cold Snap!

Last week we had a cold snap. The temperatures got well below zero at night, and barely crept above that mark during the day. The sky was blue, frost covered everything, and the air was chilly enough that for the first time since moving here I had to wear one of my handknit hats when I went out walking.

The sun sinks behind the mountains fairly early at this time of the year, and there are many places that don't get more than an hour or so of direct sunlight. This meant the frost was still covering much of the ground in the late afternoon when I went out for a walk along the road near where we live.

Here's a close-up view. I especially love how the rose hips look like they are coated in sugar.

I walked down to the lake. Just looking at the water made me feel cold in spite of my wool hat, mitts and sweater. In the distance you can see Mt. Cheam.

One day during the cold snap I needed to drive to Langley, about an hour away from where we live. I have driven that stretch of road many times in my life (it's just off the Trans Canada as you go towards Vancouver), and I have to say I don't think it's ever been more beautiful. The snow on the mountaintops was framed by the deep blue sky in the background, and the field of neglected pumpkins seemed to perfectly fit this shift of seasons.

Clockwise from top left: pumpkin farm; Mt. Cheam; Mt. Cheam; Mt. Baker

Of course, you know where all this talk about the cold weather is heading. Yes, I have knit something new to keep me warm. I saw this fingerless mitt pattern in the Winter 2014 Interweave Knits magazine and immediately went digging through my stash yarn until I found just the right thing, which turned out to be some leftover Berroco Ultra Alpaca.

Bucheron Mitts, pattern by Mary Jane Mucklestone

I know there are many people who just don't get fingerless mitts. Granted, these are not going to be what I put on in the deep cold of winter. But for this time of the year, when the temperature is chilly but not threatening to give me frostbite, these are the perfect compromise. My hands stay warm, but my fingers are still free to do things like take pictures for my blog.


  1. Gorgeous photographs. And you know I love the mitts!
    -- stashdragon

  2. Brr it feels cold here and we haven't reached below freezing quite yet. Your mitts must be so welcome! Your frosty minutes and snow on the mountains are beautiful.
    Sarah x

  3. I love your photos, it really looks cold to me. It's been very cold here for the past few days too. I'm looking at the Sandia Peak right now, covered with snow. Your new mitts are really beautiful, I am in awe of people who can knit patterns like that. They must be very warm and cozy.

  4. Your mitts look wonderful and I have some (shop bought ones) myself which are SO useful. It is getting very cold here in the UK and the forecast looks as though we're also going to have a cold snap. Keep warm.
    Patricia x

  5. Your mitts look lovely, as does your frosty scenery! Keep warm!

  6. It all looks very cold but pretty. I like the looks of your mitts.

  7. beautiful photos. I think fingerless mitts are great as an extra layer over gloves

  8. Oh I love so much your frosty and snowy photos, Kristie. The rose hips look so gorgeous with their sugary coating. Would you believe, I was wearing fingerless mitts today: to prevent the backs of my hands from getting sunburnt while driving! Your alpaca ones look so warm and soft - beautiful.

  9. I love your pics. I think they are just beautiful…and so is your sweet soul my friend. I love the mittens too.. Stay warm my friend. YOUR blessed to live in such a winter wonderland

  10. Ahhh... Mt. Baker! That sight is home to me (I'm from Abbotsford originally) and is one of the sights I always look forward to seeing.

    I love those fingerless mittens. Very nice!

  11. Gorgeous photos, oh my goodness you live in such a beautiful place. I don't get the mitts because I live in Florida, where frankly they would be perfect for the cooler days. I have made two pair so I will be putting them on when the temperature drops.

  12. The scenery is really beautiful...I like a good frost. And I like the mitts, but aren't all mitts fingerless? Are these open at the top?

    1. Technically you are right. But in the knitting world fingerless mittens/gloves mean they are open at the top.

  13. Brrr! I feel chilly just looking at your gorgeous photos, Kristie. Your landscape is simply breathtaking. No wonder you decided to move there.

    I love your fingerless mitts and they look much easier that the fingerless gloves my daughter knits. Something to try.....

  14. Brilliant photographs, Kristie! Lovely colours on those mitts.

  15. Such a gorgeous place to live! Love the mitts, too. I saw this pattern when the magazine came out and wondered what they might look like in different colors. Love the blue!