Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Flights, Fun and Sun

I know it's been over a week since my last post, but I have a good excuse for my blogging lapse. Last Thursday Rebekah came home for a visit. Well, technically she didn't get her until Friday, but I'll get to that part in a minute.

She had booked a flight into Bellingham and wasn't due in until the evening. I have a good friend that lives in Bellingham during the summer (she and her husband teach in Shanghai during the school year), so I decided to make the most of my trip down to the US and spent the day visiting with her and her mom. It was great to reconnect, and to know that now that I live in Cultus Lake we are almost neighbours once again! Here are Kelly and her mom in front of the yarn store in Bellingham. The store was easy to spot due to the yarn bombed tree right outside the front door.

I got to the airport at 9:45 PM, which was two minutes before Rebekah's flight was due in. By the time I parked and got into the terminal the arrival board said the plane had arrived. But then a few minutes later it switched from "arrived" to "at gate." That seemed odd. Then a few minutes later a guy standing by me got a text from his wife saying that yes, they were at the gate. Unfortunately it was the gate in San Francisco. They hadn't even left yet!

I couldn't believe it. Even if the flight had been on time it meant Rebekah and I weren't going to be home until around midnight, and I am not a night person. As I did the mental math things looked rather grim. It was an hour and forty-five minute flight, and the guy's wife said they weren't due to leave for another twenty minutes. I tried texting Rebekah, but it wouldn't go through. I ended up having to phone Rebekah (long distance, and on an American cell phone provider).

The short version of this sorry tale is that three delays, four very expensive phone calls, and a plane change later I finally got a call from her saying they were actually taking off. The time? Midnight. That meant her plane would get in around 2:00 in the morning, and put us home somewhere around 4:00 AM. I wanted to weep. I really did. I put the seat back in my vehicle, found an old towel I use when kayaking, rolled it up to use as a pillow, pulled my jacket over the top of me and took the half knit sweater I'm working on out of my knitting bag and put over my bare legs in an effort to stay warm.

When Rebekah finally arrived we stood around for about ten minutes, comparing notes about the horrors of the evening. She finally looked at me and asked if we were going to go. I said I thought we were waiting for her luggage. Wrong. It turns out all she had was her carry on bag. I was waiting around for a non-existent bag. At 2:00 in the morning. Somehow that wasted ten minutes seemed almost as bad as the four hour delay.

The drive home is sort of a blur. I remember telling her she couldn't stop talking to me. All would be lost if she did. I also remember how eerie it was. There were no other vehicles on the road, and there were no lights on in people's homes. My advice to anyone considering flying Allegiant Air would be this. DON'T. I'm sure glad it's Rebekah who is going back down to Bellingham Friday to pick up Anton, who is coming in on the same flight.

It took us both a day or so to recover, but once we caught up on our sleep we've been having a great time. Alexandra came down and we went out to pick some blueberries.

The girls went over to Victoria on the weekend and delivered the berries to a very happy recipient.

Lucy just celebrated her first birthday. Here she is with her birthday ball. I love the pink sun bonnet!

Rebekah and I have been hiking. We spotted this Indian Pipe at the side of the trail.

We've also been kayaking and had a couple of swims in the lake. Last time we took Fergus with us and it turns out he loves swimming! I'll try to get some pictures next time we go. There's also been some time just taking it easy.

We are in the middle of another heat wave, so have been cooling off with frozen limeade drinks on the front porch.

Kellen and Anita are coming out Saturday, and we have plans for a hike and some more berry picking. The big question is whether or not Anton will be here to join us. After reading some of the reviews for Allegiant Air I must admit I have my doubts.


  1. Hey Kristie,
    What a nightmare! But it looks as though you are having a lovely time time together. I could sit on your deck all day long, especially in the hammock.
    Leanne xx

  2. Happy Birthday to Lucy! One year already! Is she walking yet?

    Sorry to hear about the travel delay nightmare. I've never heard of that airline. It must just fly locally? When it comes to flying I never assume anything. Once, many years ago, a regional airline in Florida canceled our flight and didn't tell us in advance. We always check on-line before heading to the airport to pick anyone up to see where the plane is. In your case it would not have helped much since you were already there.

    Now I know what that strange white plant is that's coming up on the hill outside my window--Indian Pipe!

    I'd love to see photos of Fergus swimming. When we've been to the beach with Gabriel he avoided the water.

  3. Not what you needed!

    When visiting mother I no longer use the Iberia London Heathrow to Madrid is always late and involves the airline bussing us on a mystery tour of the airport and being bundled on the plane for the long flight home....stress I can live without!

    I can remember a British Airways flight home via Miami - a nightmare in itself - which was an hour late taking off and the pilot's smug announcment that it was better to wait and be safe was not greeted with universal pproval. I think he could have heard the raspberries up in the cabin behind the closed door...

    And the Air France cabin staff at Atlanta when we were kept for over an hour queuing for take off....a boiling hot cabin...and no one to get you any water....

    I get better service on the low cost carriers!

    Rant over.

    That is a very fetching bonnet!

  4. Okay I try again, Right now my words just vanished by pressing "Preview". I have found your blog a few days ago and I love it. I am a knitter and I spent my vacation in Alberta and B.C. a few weeks ago. So I find so many interesting things here. I am reading and reading. In your last post I even found the name of the plant I photographed on a trail near Victoria, the Indian Pipes. Thank you so much. By the way, I am from Germany

  5. We saw some Indian Pipe in Algonquin Park the other day. It's cold and damp here in Ontario. Quit hogging the heat would ya!

  6. I'm so glad she made it in okay. What a story, though. It looks like you're having a nice time. I love seeing Lucy! She's getting so big, I can't believe she's a year old already.

  7. Oh dear, we often have to deal with tardy airlines in Australia, but thankfully not into the night like that. I don't envy you that trip in the dead of night one bit. But thankfully you are having a lovely time, and sweet Lucy has turned 1 - Happy Birthday Sweetie! Pretty in pink :) Oh those blueberries do look yummy!

  8. Air travel...either you have a good flight...or it goes bad.....ha ha is a chance you have to take if you want to fly.... I am becoming very zen as I just have to accept the things you don't have control over. That of course doesn't help when you are the one waiting for a flight...sorry!

    Everything else looks great! Enjoy!

  9. you certainly have some adventures! Happy birthday (belated) to Lucy, can't believe she is one already, she looks wonderful in her pink hat and obviously loves blueberries

  10. oh no to the airport disaster!! I hope Anton makes it in easier! Your week sounds lovely though!

  11. I don't like driving in the dark, it is a bit spooky, even on roads you know well. I had to drive the last leg of our epic drive from Cornwall to Glasgow between 2 and 4 am, it wasn't fun. I hope Anton's flight is not delayed. You picked a lot of blueberries! I am glad you are enjoying family visits and relaxing with your children. Cx

  12. Ooo. Flight delays are awful. Delays are an expected part of travel, but there are much better ways of dealing with them than Allegiant Airlines did! It's ridiculous that you had to struggle to get reliable information regarding the flight situation. Ah, well. Live and learn. I hope your visits make all the hassle worth while!

  13. That just might be the best (or worst) airport story I've ever heard. Thank goodness it was for someone who was worth the aggravation. :) But, of course, I'm sorry that happened at all. What a mess.

    Happy birthday to Lucy! She looks especially cute enjoying the berries. But there is one thing about this I don't like so much. If she's one, that means an actual entire year has gone by in what seems like just a few months. How???

  14. What an ordeal, but she got there safe and sound and that is the main thing. So love that you are having a great time with your family, hiking, swiming and cool drinks on the porch sounds like Heaven. Happy Birthday to that darling little girl.

  15. Good thing you had precious family time to look forward to after all that!

  16. How lovely to have the girls home together. And Lucy, wow, one already, where did that year go?! Clearly berries are a favourite!

  17. What a nightmare journey, so glad that Rebekah arrived safe and sound in the end though. It sounds like you're all having a lovely time together. Wow, what a lot of blueberries, it certainly looks as though Lucy enjoyed them, she's such a cutie.

  18. What an awful journey, and so scary to be driving at night when you must have been so tired.
    I've been eating tons of blueberries this past week, I really should grow my own!

  19. I'm just catching up! Sorry that you and Rebekah had such an awful journey. I am glad though that you have been having a good time together. xx

  20. OK, love, love, love the yarn-bombed tree. That is just the best thing I've seen in ages. Sorry about the horrid flight experience. Isn't it awful when you need a full 24-hours to recover from a flight? I know exactly what you mean about wanting to weep and then being so tired you didn't realize there was no need to wait for luggage. UGH!

  21. Oh what a nightmare pock-up, Kristie. I too don't like driving at night and after such a long day you must hacve been exhausted when you finally made it home. However it looks as though the nightmare was worth it, as you're all obviously having the most wonderful time. :) Happy first birthday to Lucy!