Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday Six

Fergus and Jenny

This week when Rebekah and I had the dogs on the off leash trail by our cottage another dog owner showed up with her two dogs. When he saw the other dogs he ran straight to the gate to go back home. The lady laughed and asked if this was Fergus the Fearful, and said she knew him. So apparently my poor dog has a reputation for being cowardly. Looking on the bright side, that's way better than having one for being aggressive. In the meantime, Jay was in Victoria last weekend visiting Lucy, and Jenny pouted the whole time he was gone. She spent most of the weekend burrowed under these sheets.


There has been a lot of knitting happening, especially on the flights to and from Chicago. I had ordered some yarn from Knit Picks that was waiting for me in Spokane, and by the time I drove back home a week later I had knit two little Entrechat boleros for Lucy. Here are pictures of the blue bolero. My apologies for not having a picture of Lucy wearing one of them. Jay took them over to her last weekend, but she was sick and in no mood to model her nana's knitting.


The hummingbirds have returned!

Mother's Day

I received my Mother's Day gift from Jay early this year. I have been wanting a bench for our front porch, and IKEA had one that looked perfect. Rebekah kindly volunteered to pick it up for us when she went into Vancouver this week for an appointment. When I took out my current sock to knit I realized its colours perfectly match the cushions.

So do the colours of the Half Hansel Hap I'm knitting. It would appear I'm in a colour rut.

Scratch and Dent

This week has not been kind to our cottage. When Rebekah and I built the bench we were very careful to have cardboard spread out over the hardwood floor to protect it. This was a good plan, except for when one of the pieces went flying and landed corner down, just beyond the cardboard.

That same day Jay, who is 6'4" tall, bumped into a picture hanging in our main bathroom. (At 5'4'' this is not something that would even be possible for me to do.) The picture fell, and as it did so put a big black mark on the wall. He said he would just use some Vim, a cream scrub meant for the bathtub and sink, to try and remove it. Gasp! I told him it wouldn't just remove the mark. The paint would also be gone. Some time later I saw him heading to the bathroom with the scrubbing pad we use on dishes and also quickly nixed that plan. I got out a Mr. Clean sponge and all is well.

I wish I could say the same about our dining room table. For many years, actually all of them right up until we moved here, we have had old beater tables. The kind that are kid friendly and it doesn't matter if accidents with crayons, markers, scissors and/or knives happen. The kind that are already so ugly and scarred you wouldn't even notice if a new wound was inflicted on it. So it was a big deal to me to finally get a table that didn't look like it had come from the recycling depot. I was careful to pick out one that would still be user-friendly, but one that would also be pleasing to look at.

It became apparent within a month or so of owning this new table that it was defective. The finish on the table top wasn't done properly, and little chips were forming all over it. I contacted the store owner and after looking at the pictures I sent him he agreed there was something wrong and he would replace it. That was over a year ago and I am still trying to get him to deliver on his promise. At the end of November he did call and say they could bring the table out the next day, but the thing was we were in the midst of one of the torrential downpours we get here, and after talking to him we agreed the table would be ruined by the time they got it moved in. He said he thought they could reschedule and get it here before Christmas.

Well, here we are at the beginning of May and I still don't have the table. I have emailed multiple times and can't even get him to respond. I'm not sure what to do. I hate confrontation. But every time I look at my table I feel sort of cheated. I know in light of some of the awful things happening around the world that this is truly a first world problem. Still, it bothers me. Have you ever made a major investment in something, only to find it was defective? And if so, how did you resolve the problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


A destination has finally been chosen, and tickets have been purchased. We've gone back and forth between Ireland and Scotland/Shetland, but in the end Ireland is the winner. In September Kath, Melissa and I will be doing this walk on the Kerry Way. I've purchased new rain gear, as somehow I doubt the weather will be quite as lovely as in the picture on the Hillwalk Tours site. I'll also be spending a few days with John and Gill, my friends from England. If you know of any "must see" spots in Ireland, and especially any "must see" yarn stores please let me know in the comment section.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the photos of the hummingbird, lucky you having such a beautiful creature in your area. I closest thing I have seen here is a hummingbird hawk moth, not quite the same :) I also love your knitting, I bought some wool for socks this week, I still hanker after having some slipper socks like you made last year.

  2. Sorry about the table, that's really not on. I bought some bunk beds a couple of years or so ago, and I ended up having to threaten legal action. It did work in the end. It's not nice having to get tough though, but you shouldn't have to put up with it. Gorgeous knitting by the way, lucky Lucy. Enjoy the rest of the weekend Kristie. CJ xx

  3. I'm not sure about the law where you live, but here we have the small claims court. I used it once in the past and was very happy to win.We also have a rule here that if you buy something on a credit card and it turns out to be faulty, the credit card company will give a refund. Otherwise, try Judge Judy!

  4. I hope you blog about your walk. I would love to hear more about it.

  5. That's really unfortunate about the table. I don't have any advice but small-claims court might be a good way to go. I love your hummingbird photos, they're beautiful. They look professional to me, great work. The bolero is gorgeous. I can just see it on Lucy. She will love it, I'm sure. I hope you're having a good weekend.

  6. I hate confrontations too, but I think you really need to raise some cain.
    We were in Ireland in August one year and nearly froze. Dublin was warm and sunny, everywhere else it rained.

  7. I love the entrechat , it's beautiful and I bet it was fun and interesting to knit! Lucy will look darling in it, poor Fergus and poor Jenny. Archie has the opposite problem, his attitude is " I know we haven't met yet but we will be best friends!!!" Squirrels, magpies and horses are exempt though. Horses just drive him bananas! Your photos of the hummingbird are beautiful. And your hap, I need to get my arse in gear and pick some wool. You will enjoy knitting on your lovely bench!

  8. You are going to love that walk, and to be honest we have been to Ireland lots of times and its never rained, maybe we were lucky. Can't give you any yarn shop tips for this trip though. Love that bolero pattern.

  9. What a great post, Kristie, so many interesting things. Dogs are so funny: they pout, they sulk, and they can get embarrassed. We used to think our little dog was hilarious. I've never seen a hummingbird, but I'd love to. They are so interesting and sweet; tell them I'll be over soon, and wish to meet them, ha ha. So exciting you are off to Ireland. We think we might go there in a year or two, and I can't wait to see and read about your experiences. It will be wonderful!

  10. Wow so much going on, beautiful knitting, wonderful new furniture and furniture mishaps, and plans for a great trip. I noticed my husbands great-grandfather's wooden table was leaning yesterday and when I leaned it over to check the marble tabletop slid and I could not catch it and it made a huge dent in my floor. Thankfully the table was not hurt and either was my toe that I quickly got out of the way.
    Sending you a hug,

  11. You do have a lot going on, Kristie. I'm especially enjoying watching the progress on your half hansel hap which coordinates so beautifully with the cushions. Who knew?

  12. Hey Kristie,
    Yes that is very vexing about the table. I hate confrontation too, but maybe a strongly worded legal letter would push him into action? I can't quite believe that you have hummingbirds visit your garden. That seems so exotic to me. I have only visited Ireland a few times. It is quite beautiful. Very green with all that rain ;)) I have always wanted to visit Shetland. Maybe one day....
    Leanne xx

  13. What an awful situation you're in with the table, it's so disappointing when you've waited so long for something and you think you're finally getting it only to discover there's a problem. I'm not sure what to suggest but I do hope you get it sorted out. Poor Fergus. Archie is a bit like that if he's off his lead, on it he's the bravest dog in the neighbourhood. I've seen Entrechat on another blog recently, it's such a beautiful pattern, I just wish I had a little someone to knit it for. How wonderful to have hummingbirds, I've seen them when we've visited the Caribbean and they're beautiful birds.

  14. The sweater is so cute! I wouldn't mind one like that for myself!

    You've shown exemplary patience over the table. In your shoes, I would march into the store with printouts of your original photos and all subsequent email correspondence and demand that something be done immediately. It's too easy for a store to ignore a customer's emails, but a lot harder to ignore that customer when she's standing right there in the store. After all, you've spent money there and they should be trying to keep your business. Confrontation is not pleasant but do remember that you are in the right. The store has admitted to the defect and offered to replace the table, now it's time to remind them of that in no uncertain terms. (Over 50 and feisty is my life motto, by the way!)

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with this...I'd be making an in-person visit to that store to get this resolved. Now that I think of it, perhaps if you told him you were preparing to visit with your 6'4" husband, that might spur him to take action and save you the trip.

  15. Thanks for showing that pattern - I liked it so much that I have just bought it, and am now casting around for some yarn in my stash - hoping to cast on soon!

  16. 1. It's hard to imagine a male Westie turning tale!
    2. You are an amazing knitter, Kristie. The Boleros is a work of art!
    3. I don't think we get hummingbirds this early, but I will hang my feeder and see.
    4. Lovely bench. Those must just be "your colors."
    5. I take it the furniture store is not easily visited? A face-to-face meeting sounds like the best way to get his attention (or a letter from your "lawyer" on official-looking stationery).
    6. I've not been to Ireland but I know someone who has and was in the tourist industry. I'll ask her.

  17. Lucy is one lucky, and well dressed, little girl! I like the bench. I really need to get to IKEA--I've never been to one. I wish Maggie was more like Fergus. She is fearful, but acts ferocious to cover. Sometimes it's easier to be confrontational for others--maybe Rebekah could follow-up on the table as part of your Mother's Day gift!

  18. Such a shame about the table, maybe a legal action threat??? I am not good with confrontation either. Love the bolero, a real delight.

  19. you have a scaredy cat and I have a vicious dog when there are others around (dogs that is, he's a puddle around people). I think he thinks he is a great the bench it's a great gift!!

  20. Kristie, the little bolero is absolutely adorable! I'm also interested in your hiking trip to Ireland. I've just been telling a friend that I might like to go to Ireland next year since I'll be traveling alone now and it seems a very safe place for a solo woman traveler. I looked at the website and it seems you're basically on your own each day and can go at your own pace, as long as you arrive at the designated b&b that evening. I think I would love that, so I'll be very anxious to hear your travel report after this trip!

  21. How exciting that the hummingbirds are visiting your home again! Love all the knitting, and also those colors. The bolero is simply perfect! I am sure both will be well-loved :) Have a lovely rest of your week!

  22. many great things packed into one post! i could comment on a ton of things but I can't get over how sharp your hummingbird pictures do you get that capture? and oh my, poor jenny...that face!

  23. what a llovely bolero you have knitted, I would love to travel in Ireland, it's one of my dream places to go.take care Jaana

  24. You have been extremely busy! Traveling, knitting, decorating :) The bolero is adorable! Ireland should be is on our list.....but not this year! :) Aren't dogs silly. L&D today on our walk....we have seen a single Canada Goose the last few is getting braver and standing as we walk by. These two stick right with us until we pass...then they are straining on the leashes as if to say, let me at it! ha ha ha....we know the game now. There must be a next near by...things could get interesting soon :)

  25. Poor Fergus being known as Fergus the fearful! Jenny too looks so sad without Jay! That seems so long waiting for a replacement table, how frustraing. I hope it is soon sorted. The lovely bolero looks so perfect,Lucy will look so good wearing it. Also it is fantastic to see your humming birds.
    You won't be disappointed with walking in Kerry. It is such a beautiful location and the locals are so friendly. Which of the walks are you going on ? We stayed in little cottage between Kenmare and Sneem. We went in August and although it rained it was very strange as there were heavy downpours that past by very quickly and then the sun reappeared. The lakes and views above Killarney were also spectacular. Our lasting memories apart from the scenery was a wonderful boat trip out from Kenmare to see the seals, the boat owner was full of Irish humour, a horse fair in the streets of Kenmare, Irish singing in the pubs and seeing everyone going to church on a Sunday. Sarah x

  26. It's in Northern Ireland, so it's a probably a bit out of your way, but Giant's Causeway is one of the most spectacular places I have ever visited. There's also the rope bridge at Carrrick-a-Rede that is definitely worth a visit and could easily be done on the same trip. Looking forward to "stow away" on your upcoming trip!

  27. Make sure you see Belfast! Outside of that is the Giant's causeway, and the rope bridge mentioned in the comment above! Belfast has a really great ghost walking tour which meets at town hall and takes you throughout many of the heritage sites with great commentary (nothing actually scary!) Enjoy!!