Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ten Days

I can't believe it's been ten days since my last post. I usually don't let such so many days go by between updates, and now I'm so far behind I don't even know where to start. So my apologies in advance for what might be a very scattered post.

First of all, I wanted to answer the question several of you had about the sweaters Ella and Lucy were wearing in the picture of their meet-up. I did knit Ella's, but can't take credit for Lucy's. I wish I could say I had made it, but to be honest I'm just not sure I am a dedicated enough knitter to put that much work into something that will only fit for such a short amount of time.

Here is what I've been up to while I've been away from the blog.

I've made a teeny tiny dress for Ella.

It might be teeny tiny, but it's huge on Ella!

While I was in visiting Rebekah and Ella we went to Granville Island. The Broom Co. is one of my favourite shops there. It's like visiting a store in Diagon Alley.

I harvested the basil. It was a bumper crop this year, which resulted in a triple batch of pesto. I freeze it in small portions so we are able to enjoy it throughout the winter. There's no comparison between it and the store bought stuff.

We've had visitors. Fortunately for my garden's sake they stayed across the street at the neighbour's house. This picture was not taken with a zoom lens. They actually let me get this close to them!

Alexandra and I took a road trip to Spokane to visit my mom. Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile know how much my mom loves her slot machines. She had a blast showing Alexandra how they worked. Me, well, I stood there watching and trying not to choke on all the cigarette smoke. This casino is on an Indian Reserve near Spokane, and the reserves are about the only places left in the US where indoor smoking is allowed.

There have been hikes up Teapot Hill. Lots of them. I'm trying to get in shape for my upcoming five day walk in Ireland.

Pebbles Vest

Of course there's been knitting. There's always knitting! This is a little vest for Ella. Rebekah and Anton live in a basement suite, and it's a little on the chilly side. I'm hoping this will help keep Ella warm.

That's a sampling of the past week and a half. Wednesday I fly to Ireland for my Big Adventure. I'm not packed, I'm not ready, I'm a nervous wreck (I really, really hate flying), but I'm also very excited. I can't promise a blog post every day while I'm away, but I do hope to drop in here with regular updates, and hopefully at least a few pictures that don't have dark rain clouds in the background.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You have been very busy. I love that cute little dress and the vest too. See your sewing skills are much better than mine. Have a wonderful time on your trip, take you knitting on the flight and you will relax right away.

  2. The dress is beautiful--and it's great that it's big, she'll get much more use out of it. The vest is very cute. My wife and I brought our first-born home to a basement apartment. A vest like that would have been perfect for her, so I know it will be for Ella.
    I'm looking forward to to hearing about (and seeing) the Ireland trip. It's s special place. But please don't spend the night in Brigadoon. :)

    1. My wife reminded me tonight that when we lived in the basement unit we kept bottled drinks under the kitchen sink. That kept them as cold as if they were in the refrigerator.

  3. How exciting, hope you have a wonderful trip. The little dress is gorgeous, one thing is certain she will grow into it. Your are blessed she is truly beautiful.

  4. A walking holiday in Ireland! It will be great. Looking forward to your blog posts about it.

  5. Hey Kristie,
    I've only ever been to Dublin and Belfast, so will look forward to hearing about all your adventures in Ireland. I think there's a high settling over our part of the world for a week or so, so you may be lucky on the weather front. Love the dress. So precious!
    Leanne xx

  6. Your dress is so cute and I love the knitted vest! I would love one of those brooms in my house. Have a super trip!

  7. Hi Kristie, you have been busy...the tiny dress is beautifully sewn, and totally adorable, and as for the five little duckies vest, well, too cute for words :) Ella is so sweet and I hope you get a pic of her in the vest some time. Hello to your Mum, having fun there, and to the deer who may or may not be having fun - not sure.... They look sweet though. So exciting, you are off to Ireland this week. Have a great trip, smooth flights, no problems and sunny weather - fingers crossed, and have a wonderful time. x

  8. The dress & the vest top look so cute, the vest top looks especially tiny. I hope you have a blast in Ireland xx

  9. Living in England, all I'm going to say is pack warmly. It is getting cold here at the moment - though the weather reporters keep telling us next week MAY be warmer. Hope you enjoy your walking and don't miss your family too much. Can't wait to read all about your trip.

  10. I want to wish you a blessed trip to Ireland! Your sewing and knitting projects are adorable. Those deer probably thought you were coming over to feed them.

  11. Oh the sweater is so sweet. Have a good time in Ireland.

  12. The dress and jumper for Ella are gorgeous - as of course is she!!! I hope that you have a great time in Ireland and that they flight isn't as bad as you worry about. I don't like flying either, but it is the airports themselves that freak me out! As the Irish Blessing says, May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. xx

  13. Gorgeous little dress and vest...I do envy your ability not only to think of these things buit to be able to make them.

    We too had a basil you soak some in olive oil for salad use?

    And again, thanks for your shrub recipe...I've passed it on to friends so now its shrub time in Costa Rica, England and France.

  14. Have a fantastic trip in Ireland. Hopefully you'll find some yarn to bring home as a souvenir.

  15. The dress is so sweet. I love the fabrics, they're very old-fashioned looking, which is my favorite style for baby clothes. I love that photo of your mom and Alexandra. Your mom looks so intent on her game! I know what you mean about the smokiness in the casinos; it's the main reason I don't go to them, actually. They have some really good music concerts in one down here and I'd like to go, but the smoke is awful. I hope you have a wonderful time in Ireland! Safe travels to you.

  16. What a gorgeous dress. How exciting to be heading over the seas – have a wonderful time in Ireland.

  17. You have been busy! The little dress is so so sweet and I love the photo of Ella wearing it. I really really would like to hold a little baby now. The vest is really nice, too. The yarn is beautiful and I am going to check your Revelry page for details. I look forward to reading all about your trip to Ireland. x

  18. I'll pray you love (or tolerate) the flying! Have fun!! I love the brooms and I loved my years with HP and raising my kids, I have fond memories of the books being intertwined with my children and me.

  19. You're off tomorrow already! Have the best time my friend x

  20. We may have had to wait ten days but it was well worth it. Your post was so newsy and uplifting. The brooms look amazing, we get nothing like that here. Have a wonderful time in Ireland.