Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Midweek Meanderings

:: Yesterday as I Googled the question "Can I use Nikwax on Blundstone boots?" I realized that I might be a little strange. Of course, I already was quite aware that I'm a bit odd, but every once in awhile something like this happens and makes me think I might be even stranger than I previously thought I was.

:: My husband rescued three raccoon kits last week. They had gone dumpster diving, but unfortunately for them the dumpster was almost empty, so once they went in they had no way to climb back out. I know they can be a terrible menace, and we've suffered the loss of an expensive bird feeder thanks to their incredible dexterity and determination, but I'm afraid my opinion of them has forever been shaped by reading the book Rascal to my children when they were young. There's a part of me (that would be the odd part referenced above) that would love to have one as a pet.

:: Our washing machine has died. Again. A few weeks ago it had an electronic malfunction where it wouldn't run because it sensed the door was open, even though it was clearly shut. We had to wait almost three weeks for the repair people, and thought everything had been dealt with. Foolish us. It had another electronic seizure last week. They are now going to replace the machine with a new one. This will be the fourth washing machine that has been in this cottage since we moved here just over three years ago. Unbelievable really.

:: I've been on an Archer sewing binge. I've made one blouse and two of the Popover variations. (The pictures are all rubbish. I've had to rehire the photographer I fired.) The middle Popover was my attempt at a collarless version, inspired by a similar shirt I saw in the LL Bean catalog.

:: It's a very dangerous thing to be watching the Great British Bake Off. I always end up wanting to make some decadent dessert, and I'm trying to cut way back on how much sugar I consume. My latest downfall has been this posset recipe from the BBC. I was sorry to hear the BBC is no longer going to be airing this program. It makes no sense to me that they decided to get rid of such a popular show.

:: While I'm still on the topic of TV shows, last night I was watching episode one of The Missing on BBC. I couldn't believe it when there was a scene with the French inspector out chopping wood and he was wearing a Coast Salish style sweater. It wasn't some new, acrylic, mass produced sweater either. It showed signs of obvious wear, and was clearly knit with the thick yarn used to make the sweaters. If anyone knows the back story to this please share.

:: This recipe popped into my inbox this week. If, like me, you have extra pumpkin puree in your fridge that you don't know what to do with, this is a good way to use it up. In keeping with my reduced sugar life I was pleased to see these called for very little sweetener. And I subbed dried cranberries (I dry my own, so they aren't coated in sugar like the kind you buy at the store) for the chocolate chips. Not that I'm opposed to chocolate in any form, it just seemed that cranberries were a better match for the pumpkin.

:: On a recent walk to the lake I decided to cut over to the path by Frosst Creek. I was surprised to see there had been a busy beaver at work. There was a tree across the path and extending into the creek, which wouldn't be a huge deal except for the creek is salmon habitat, and this is the time of the year they are making there way up it to spawn. Or trying to, if trees aren't blocking their way.

:: I'm making progress on my skirt. It would be going faster if I didn't keep forgetting to use the new colourwork technique from the workshop. I've had to tink back several rows due to the fact I pick up the knitting and go into auto-pilot. Someone needs to come up with a knitting app that reaches out and pinches you every time you start to do something stupid.

:: Last weekend's storm ended up being a non-event, which was a relief. But it has remained dark and dreary here, with just an occasional glimpse of the sun.

:: I'll continue to post pictures of our family in individual posts, but after the identity theft I decided I no longer felt comfortable with their pictures being in the sidebar of my blog.

:: I found these candles and the holder at IKEA. A bit of hygge added to our cottage, all for under $10.

:: I hope your week is going well. I'm off to visit my mom tomorrow, so will touch in again next week after I return.


  1. I love IKEA candles! I may have a small stash of them (ahem)...but I think I need to look for this candle holder. Have a good trip, Kristie!

  2. The shirts you made look spectacular, love the fabrics. Glad the storm didn't come to anything. Take care.

  3. You made those shirts??? That is just amazing. They are drop-dead gorgeous!
    Glad the storm didn't show up.

  4. The shirts look fantastic, perfect for fall and winter. I'm with you on raccoons, I know they can be a pain, but they'r so cute. As for beavers that's a different story, we have to paint our trees in red pepper paste to keep them from cutting them down.

  5. Love to read your meanderings Kristie. For a girl who said she was not much of a sewist, you are absolutely brilliant, and those are gorgeous perfect shirts. You will enjoy wearing them all Winter. Raccoons are pretty little creatures, even if my daughter does call them 'large rats' or some such insult. Beavers fascinate me, I hope we get more updates on their progress or otherwise. But what happens to the salmon if they can't get past? I know, so much to worry about these days...

  6. You made THREE shirts? I am in awe. They look great! As far as I am aware, the BBC can no longer afford the GGBO, produced by another company that has demanded a ridiculous price for the show. I always thought racoons look sweet but we don't have any here so I don't know much about their less pleasant habits. Have a lovely rest of the week xx

  7. Hi, from just south of the 45th parallel (however, I'm waaay north of that in age!) I do enjoy your blog as I believe our rural lives are pretty similar. I love your shirts (I'm mad for plaid)and I can't wait for retirement so I can resume sewing. Regarding woodland critters, I saw a great big rabbit bounding up the path to the woods yesterday. In 29 years on this property, it was a first & I reveled in the sight.
    I agree that removing the sidebar was a good idea. You've had quite the year with "invasions." I do love seeing the little ones, though. What a beautiful family you have.

  8. 4 washers in 3 years??? Check the polarity of the electrical plug! We were burning through routers and it turned out it wasn't the was the plug :)

  9. PS....I had a racoon as a pet when I was about 12. Not the kind of pet that stayed in the was a wild baby that had been orphaned, adopted by some kids, then the parents told them to get rid of it in the bush behind our walked out and our house was the first it saw, so it sort of adopted us. Every morning it would show up and hand out....when summer was over and we went back to school, it still came to visit my Mom who was terrified of it!!! Do racoons hibernate? It disappeared and came back the following wasn't as friendly, but it definitely wasn't scared of us either :) It loved hot dogs, raw, with a bowl of water. :)

  10. What do you mean BBC has cancelled Bake Off??????? No way, say it ain't so!! THEY are getting as bad as the CBC for cancelling tremendously popular programs.
    I love your shirts. It is very hard to find nice flannel shirts for ladies. I usually end up wearing smaller mens shirts that are still so shapeless and yucky colors. I need to go fabric shopping I guess.
    We had a mummy and five babies here for the longest time and then they just disappeared. I suspect a neighbour dispatched them.

  11. Your shirts are wonderful you are turning into quite the seamstress. I on the other had can barely sew a Halloween costume. Those raccoons are so cute. A long time ago in a house we lived in they built a nest under our porch in the insulation. they fell out and one of the babies was badly injured. I had to call the wildlife sanctuary to come get them, I am afraid the one little one had to much brain damage to survive.
    Hugs to you,

  12. Your washing machine saga is exactly why I'm hanging onto my old, non-computerized, machine! In fact, I'd already vowed that I'd look for a second-hand refurbished machine before I bought one of the new ones. I can feel your frustration!

    So glad the storm did not materialize as predicted.

    Your knitting and sewing projects are always PERFECT in my eyes. Perhaps they aren't in yours, but they sure do appear to look perfect.

  13. Great picture of the beaver activity and the raccoons - so cute. I love your shirts. Your posts always make me feel good (well, except the washing machine issue - sorry about that!) Your photography is wonderful.

  14. liked the beaver photo
    liked the shirts and color is my favorite

  15. I can't believe your washing machine has broken again, I hope the new one lasts longer! The BBC were outbid for the Great British Bake Off and it was bought by a rival TV company Channel 4. The presenters were so disgusted that only Paul is moving across. The BBC is hoping to create a new programme instead. Hygge seems to be mentioned everywhere this year. I remember it being here where I first came across it. Sarah x

  16. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your posts are always such a great reading. And your pics are just amazing. Thanks!

  17. Being "normal" (whatever that is) is over-rated and can be boring. Strange is good! After watching the movie "Elf", I picture its raccoon scene every time I see one. The latest sighting was Friday. I've been cutting back on sugar too. My blood sugar levels were headed into "borderline" territory. Cutting back has had an unintended consequence. I've lost weight. My wife isn't happy about that.