Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Sunday Post

This blog has been very quiet for the month of January. I keep thinking I need to write another post, but then feel like I don't have anything to say. I suspect there are many of us who feel like this at the moment. Gobsmacked by what is happening around us. My blog is not about politics, or religion, or current events. It's meant to be a place that celebrates family, nature, crafting, gardening, and everyday life. So I hope you'll forgive me for this one small detour from the regularly scheduled content.

I am an immigrant. I came to this country over three decades ago. It was a relatively easy transition for me. I spoke the language, I had previously visited Canada many times on holidays, and I came from a country with a similar culture. Three of my children are immigrants. For two of them the transition was also easy since they were infants. Language was not a problem as crying pretty much sounds the same no matter where you are from.

But one of them didn't join our family until he was five, and that added a whole layer of complication. Imagine being whisked away on a plane with complete strangers. You've never flown before, you've never been outside of your country before, you don't speak a word of English, and the people you are with are complete strangers since you've only just met them the previous week. Not only do you not know them, they don't look anything like you. This was not an easy transition, but it was helped along by the fact that everyone involved cared, and did everything in their power to make it work. To make that new immigrant feel welcome. And safe. And loved.

My son-in-law is an immigrant. My daughter-in-law is an immigrant. It wasn't easy. They were older, they didn't speak the language, they came from cultures quite different than ours in Canada. It was a struggle for them and their families when they arrived. But they're okay. Actually, they are more than okay. They are wonderful people, and have fully assimilated into Canadian life.

So here's the thing. I wonder how the story would have turned out for me, my three adopted children, or my daughter-in-law and son-in-law if, instead of love and acceptance, we had experienced suspicion, fear, or hate upon our arrival in this country. All I can say is I'm so incredibly thankful that I'll never know the answer to that question.

Moving on...

I've jumped on the Stopover bandwagon. What a fast and fun knit! I did it in twelve days, and had I not stopped in the middle of it to finish up a pair of socks I might have completed it in under a week.

I'm still catching up on blogging about my Christmas knits. This is Ella's Bear In a Bunny Suit. I think it ended up looking more like a chipmunk in a bunny suit, but Ella's only a year and a half old, so I don't think she noticed.

This is Baa, knit for a friend of mine.

There were Flower Fairies and Leaf Sprites for Lucy and Nevaeh. And now I think I'm finally caught up with all my gift knitting!

Here's a glimpse of what's currently on the needles. I usually knit in the evenings, and Fergus is my knitting buddy. After some tummy rubs and ear scratches he settles in beside me and sleeps. The project on the right is going to be a skirt. Some day. Hopefully soon. The project on the left is going to be a Coast Salish inspired vest. Again, some day, hopefully soon.

We are in the midst of some lovely weather.

It's been so nice that the garlic I planted last fall are starting to grow. It's always an exciting discovery when I spot them. They are the first signs of life in my garden, and make me want to get out and start digging in the dirt again.

I hope your weekend has been a good one. And I hope you will forgive me for my digression from my usual content. It wasn't at all what I originally intended to write when I sat down at my computer.


  1. It's terrible what is happening. There is a strong resistance from the public, and I hope that makes a difference.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story Kristen, it is one we all have to hear. I am so thankful you have your beautiful children and their spouses, that you had a relatively easy transition, well we know adoption isn't easy but you know where I am coming from. This country of mine is making me grieve, for what we had with Barack Obama, an intelligent, classy man who only tried to make things better, even though he met resistance at every turn, to this. It is heartbreaking.

  3. I'm glad you wrote this many people have no idea what it is like to change cultures..even languages...

  4. Please do not apologize, I applaud you. Your story only serves to strengthen the beliefs and values many of us hold near and dear to our hearts and souls. We are all citizens of this planet and part of a global community. I could continue but I think you know where i am coming from.

    Your knitting is fantastic!! I love every piece! And your stopover is so pretty/ I love the colours you chose!! Fergus knows a good thing !!

  5. The news each day this week has been more and more worrying. I noticed the Canadian prime minster was the first to condemn this action. Thank you for giving us an insight to how difficult it can be to settle in a new country. I think Tavi would enjoy it if I took up knitting!! Sarah x

  6. The news from the south makes me physically ill. Other than my immediate family (sibs), my relatives are all there. I try to avoid the news.
    I love that lamb! I want to knit one for my sister.

  7. Wow am I ever glad my parents moved from the USA to Canada in the late 1960s.
    One set of grandparents moved to the US from Germany. Another grandfather moved to the USA from the Philippines.
    51% of Toronto residents were born outside of Canada.
    Canada (and the USA) benefits so much from immigration whether as university students, those on work visas or as immigrants!
    I know Canada is not at all perfect but in general I vastly prefer our systems.
    Thanks for the post!
    I agree - your Stopover is great!

  8. Your makes are beautiful, as always. Thanks for speaking out Kristie, it is important. I am like you an immigrant (now threatened by the unknowns of Brexit). It is quite unbelievable how much hatred, upset and anguish DT has a caused in just one week. He is truly of his rocker. It is good to see how all around the world people unite and speak out against the new administration (regime?).

    Wishing you a good week with lots of knitting. x

  9. It is important to speak out, and I appreciate your thoughts. They echo my own. I am deeply saddened and shamed by the actions of this person who currently has taken control of my country.

    He does not represent who I am. He does not speak my heart.

    My grandparents were immigrants from Croatia. They were so proud to be new Americans. How shocked and sick they would be now.

  10. The only way I can deal with all of it is to ignore it, at my age I'm not going to change the world and won't try, too depressing. But I agree with all you said.
    Love your crocheting, so pretty.

  11. Kristi, I'm so grateful you posted what you did. I understand the urge to stay away from politics and conflict, but in the current situation it is so necessary to speak up that I'm finding it very hard to read blogs that don't at least mention that unprecedented terrible things are happening in the US. It just adds to the feeling of surrealism. Thank you. Beth (greenmtngirl)

  12. You speak from the heart, and express so well what many of us think and feel but perhaps cannot express. I was so pleased to see Mr Trudeau speak out, so eloquently. Our country was also built on immigration, yet in recent years, there has been so much hostility and antagonism, I find it really distressing.
    Your knitting is incredible, and what lucky recipients. Loving that Bear in a Bunny Suit, which must become a favourite toy! Your Stopover knit is beautiful and you look so chic out there in the snow :)

  13. I so appreciate you speaking out. I just can't believe what is going on... So I'll focus on your knits...all are amazing. I particularly love the sweater and the little bah sheep! So that's what grass looks like? I've forgotten!

  14. No need to apologize, we are all of the same opinion. The world is going to hell in a handcart. So much bad feeling, so many families at odds with one another. Take refuge in your knitting and your beautiful surroundings, stay true to what you believe in

  15. This past week has been heartbreaking, I am praying that the legal system will put a stop to the decisions made this week. I am in awe of all your beautiful knitting.

  16. If you read the comments on Twitter from people who continue to back Trump's administration's policies you realize these people have no plans to change their minds--or hearts. This is the scary part. I live outside DC and my sons have been part of both weekend protests there. This may change what is happening but will do nothing to change the people who got us in this mess to begin with! Stories like yours need to be heard. We have to bring it down to the personal level so others will see the human effect that their stance is causing. I have a daughter-in-law from Mexico who only just became a citizen (thankfully) less than 2 years ago. But she retained her Mexican citizenship, too. Will she be forced to give that up to stay here? Will her family be able to get Visas so they can visit her? Will Mexican's with green cards be next on the list? Where does it end?

  17. Small detours are a good thing, no worries. Thank you for sharing your immigrant experience with us!

  18. Your knits are as always beautiful! Fergus looks very happy. I am so glad for you that you have such a wonderful family!

  19. If I was still blogging, almost all the posts would be politics and current events...with perhaps a somewhat related one on the fact that two of my sisters didn't talk to my wife during the entire 5.5 years we dated, and not much after that. Those two sisters and one of my brothers are Trump supporters.

  20. Thank you for your opening paragraphs, Kristi. You put it beautifully.
    -- stashdragon

  21. Cute little knittings! Greetings.

  22. Beautifully put, thank you. And sweet knits. I still haven't done Bear in a Bunny Suit. I am sure I have some yarn that will work. Some?

  23. you blog about life and nature and they have countless topic to speak about.
    i read each bit of your post and found that like all others you too faced problems in life but like few you overcame of them and that is the bright side

  24. Apart from all the lovely knitting and pictures of the scenery, it's the way you speak of family that makes this blog such a treat and blessing!! Just wanted you to know that, Kristie!!

  25. Kristie, thank you for speaking out about this. Like you, I've struggled lately with trying to stick to my blog's intended focus (nature, in my case). I want to say something about what's happening to my country and talk about why I can't sleep at night these days. I guess I'm afraid of alienating my regular readers, or even worse, being verbally attacked by mobs of pitchfork-wielding commenters. These are sad and scary times.

    Your pictures of Stopover are making my long-idle knitting fingers itch. Maybe I should start a nice sweater project. After all, knitting was my balm after 9/11 happened, so I suppose it might help me deal with the current situation too. ~Kim

  26. I struggle on focusing on my blog. I am wrapped up in the news (a little too much) and I find it hard to ignore. My grandparents were immigrants and I think of how it would have been if they were not welcomed...

    I love your here there everywhere post, it resonates with my thoughts!!